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The seventh largest city in the USA and one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the country is still a big unknown for us. Completely wrong. We're talking about San Antonio in south Texas. Completely undeserved, because there is plenty of history, art and culture here, a fantastic culinary scene - and a magical surrounding area. The best thing: Starting this summer, Condor will fly non-stop from Frankfurt am Main to San Antonio. Time for a city check!

Howdy y'all do? Welcome to Texas, the state of cowboys, adventure and the best barbecue in the world! But what many people don't know: Texas also has some of the most exciting cities in the USA. At the forefront: San Antonio, the historic city in the south! That's why there's a lot of history and culture here.




A must-do when visiting San Antonio is the world-famous The Alamo.

Background information: Built in 1718, this historic Spanish mission station laid the foundation for the city's history. However, the bright building only gained its fame during its time as a fort in the Texas War of Independence in 1836 with the infamous Battle of the Alamo. Even though the Texans lost to their Mexican enemies, this event was decisive in Texas later being admitted to the USA as an independent state. In addition to the Alamo, there are four other impressive missions in San Antonio, which together have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. These missions, including Concepción, San José, San Juan and Espada, are a living testament to the region's Spanish colonial history and offer fascinating insights into the exciting past - a true rarity in the United States.

Fun Fact: Oh, did we mention that Phil Collins loved the Alamo so much since childhood that he later owned the largest private collection of related artifacts? Today you can admire them in The Alamo Exhibit .

Our tip: In the evening, visitors should head to the San Fernando Cathedral, because a special experience takes place on the facade of the cathedral from Tuesday to Sunday at 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.: The Saga. This unique video art projection by international artist Xavier de Richemont depicts the historical discovery, settlement and development of San Antonio, the Lone Star State and the history of the USA.




The seventh largest city in the USA is a melting pot of cultures and this is still reflected in the cityscape today.

Background knowledge: Spanish, Mexican, Anglo-American and German influences (be sure to take a walk along the historic villas in the King William Historic District!) characterize the city; more than 60 percent of the residents are Hispanic. A visit to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center , which celebrates American-Latin American art and culture, cannot be missed! The Witte Museum , which deals with the region's nature, science and culture through multimedia, is also a visitor magnet for the whole family. Particularly exciting: Rock Art Tours into the surrounding canyons to marvel at historical cave paintings!


Our tip: Speaking of painting! Art enthusiasts should definitely pay a visit to the Briscoe Western Art Museum , which pays homage to the culture of the American West through paintings, sculptures, and more! A great joy for cowboy and Native American fans big and small! The McNay Art Museum, on the other hand, primarily exhibits modern art.

Fun Fact: Street art enthusiasts will also love San Antonio! Conical street art and gigantic murals can be found in the city like a string of pearls. Popular works include The Artisan, Selena, World's Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic and Greetings from San Antonio.




One of the most famous sights in the city is the so-called “River Walk”. The 24 kilometer long waterfront promenade along the San Antonio River is a true oasis of relaxation!

Background knowledge: Whether riverboat rides, kayaking or restaurant hopping: the shady sidewalks line hundreds of restaurants, hotels, historical monuments, museums and attractions. A visit to the River Walk is particularly nice in the evening, when the city's bars come to life and thousands of colorful lights illuminate the promenade. Festivals, parades and cultural events regularly use the waterfront promenade as a large stage. One of the top addresses for culture and live programs is the open-air theater Arneson River Theater near the picturesque Rosita's Bridge.

Fun fact: Mediterranean feeling in Texas can do something! The eye-catcher and highlight is the La Villita district. Not only does it look like southern Europe, it smells like it too. In the artists' quarter it's worth strolling through the studios and shops to your heart's content and, of course, feasting hard.

Our tip: Be loud! Be sure to cheer loudly at a San Antonio Spurs basketball game. Even though the legend Tim Duncan has been away from the team since 2016, the games are still known for the great atmosphere - and of course the half time shows! You can get plenty of adrenaline at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme park with some spectacular roller coasters. Where screaming and raising your arms are, so to speak, a must.




Thanks to its rich history, diverse culture and joie de vivre, San Antonio also offers top-class cuisine. Yummy!

Background information: In 2017, the city was named a “UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy” for its outstanding culinary scene. Because San Antonio combines influences from Texas, Mexican and international cuisine - and is nicknamed the “Culinary Capital of Texas”.

Fun Fact: Be sure to visit the Historic Market Square with its restaurants, shops and colorful flags. Would you like another little insider tip? The historic Pearl Brewery building complex , built in 1881 and later restored, is now home to the renowned culinary school Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Numerous restaurants, but also hotels and shops, entice you. In the many beautiful shops you can find everything from handicrafts to fair trade clothing and jewelry.

Our tip: Dinner with a view! In the Chart House in the Tower of the Americas you can dine in class and enjoy the wonderful view of the city.




San Antonio is a super relaxed city - and offers countless green oases within the center, but also great excursions into the surrounding area.

The city's parks: In the Japanese Tea Garden you can enjoy the waterfalls and beautifully landscaped koi ponds, walk over picturesque stone bridges and simply take a deep breath. The Friedrich Wilderness Park, the Confluence Park with its unusual architecture and the Botanical Garden are also green oases in the middle of the city. At 22 hectares, the San Antonio Zoo is one of the largest animal parks in the United States. By the way, golf enthusiasts will find over 50 (!) golf courses around San Antonio.

Excursions into the surrounding area

But there are also some beautiful protected landscape areas just outside the city gates that invite you to spend the day in nature. Hikers head for the mountainous Lost Maples State Natural Area with its rivers, canyons and dense forests that glow in all colors, especially in autumn.

North of San Antonio, the pink Enchanted Rock, a 130-meter-high granite monolith, rises dome-shaped from the plain. Standing up here and looking out over the surrounding Texas feels like complete freedom!

The Guadalupe River or a visit to the underground cave system of the Natural Bridge Caverns guarantees refreshment on warm summer days.

The region around the Texas Hill Country is increasingly making a name for itself as a wine-growing region. And of course, if you come in spring, you have to take an obligatory photo in the colorful carpets of blue bonnets that cover the landscape!

Our tip: We haven't even talked about the historic German settlements north of San Antonio yet! Around the so-called German Belt, places like Gruene in New Braunfels or Fredericksburg invite you to take a walk past the beautiful houses of the first German settlers in 1845. It's not just in November during the Wurstfest that you can stop off, feast, stroll and shop in the open-air beer gardens in the towns.




Visit San Antonio provides lots of other exciting information about the city in South Texas, also on Facebook and Instagram !

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From May 17th to September 6th, 2024, San Antonio can now be easily reached from Frankfurt with a seasonal direct flight. The only non-stop connection with Condor that currently exists in Europe is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. An Airbus A330neo with new on-board products is used on the flight. From San Antonio International Airport it is only around 25 minutes to downtown.