By: Priscilla Aguirre | From: MySA

San Antonio is a driving city, especially downtown. You'd have to walk miles, take the VIA, cycle, or ride-share to go from downtown San Antonio to the Pearl or from Southtown to the Pearl. However, a new electric trolley service has rolled out, offering free rides to the public in the downtown area.

Husband and wife duo Kevin and Elizabeth Mancha launched the locally-owned service, called SanAntoni-Go or SaGO, the week after Christmas in December. The pair also owns San Antonio Sidecars, a unique and whimsical business that brings a sense of Italy to San Antonio with Vespa-powered sidecars.

While Sidecars also offers tours and rides, it isn't a free adventure. Kevin and Elizabeth said they wanted to provide a free service to the city that connects the public to all the hotspots in the downtown area, such as local bars, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, shops, and more.

"We're trying to make it more convenient," Kevin said. "And also bring light to the spots that are sometimes neglected."

How to use the E-Trolleys

Kevin and Elizabeth have three E-Trolleys currently and are in the works to get two more. The electric trolleys can fit six people each, with each seat having an individual door. There are seatbelts, windows that roll down, LED lights (that can be in a party mode), and music. Behind the wheel are locals who can spill San Antonio's knowledge on a whim. Tips are welcomed and encouraged.

You can text the service at 210-660-6939 and one of the drivers will get dispatched to your location. The set hours for SaGO are in the works, however, Kevin added they are open for business at the moment and offering several routes to cover.

The routes are from Grayson near the Pearl to Austin Street near bars like Tony's Siesta, La Ruina, HangTime Bar & Patio, and more. The other routes are along Houston Street near the Majestic Theatre, the Alamo Plaza Area, the downtown University of Texas of San Antonio campus, and more around the central downtown area.

"We're not going to be able to get to everyone, but we're another option," Kevin said. "I think it's just about alleviating the carbon footprint downtown. It's a huge thing for us to be 100% electric and clean."

Kevin and Elizabeth said they are hoping to roll out an app to make it easier to get the service. They are also seeking for businesses to partner with so the free service can continue to be provided year-round.

For more information on SanAntoni-Go, follow the company's Instagram at sanantonigo.