SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 20, 2023) - Gusto Group, one of the Alamo City's leading hospitality groups, known for Cellar MixologyToro Kitchen + Bar and Cuishe Cocina Mexicana, is proud to announce its latest endeavor, The Bunker Mixology, which recently opened its vaulted door to the public on April 14, 2023 and is located in the downstairs bar next to Bohanan's, formerly occupied by Jet-setters.

Shockingly, on its first night open, the bar sold its most expensive cocktail, called "Amour Éternal," for $6,000, which is perhaps the most extravagant cocktail available in all of San Antonio. This opulent, romantic expression of love is made with Louis XIII Cognac, a touch of artisanal honey, splash of freshly-squeezed lemon juice and topped with a single rose petal. Finally, the cocktail is served in a crystal champagne flute and dressed with a Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace.

"We brought innovation and never before seen mixology to San Antonio five years ago when we first opened Cellar. Now, we're ready to revolutionize the mixology scene with a place that will need its own category, Bunker Mixology!" says Thomas Hogan, Gusto Group Co-Founder. "Knowing we'll be closing this year with 10 locations feels unbelievable and a dream come true. We'll keep doing it with gusto."

The Bunker Mixology isn't just another trendy speakeasy, but a highly innovative speakeasy-esque mixology bar and luxury bunker-style lounge that embraces both classic and modern art.

"It's more than a speakeasy. It's high-end mixology in a stunning environment with chill vibes. There's depth and culture here. The Bunker Mixology is intended to be one of the most unique art exhibitions in town and a place that tells stories, a place where our guests can tell their own stories," says Gerardo De Anda, Gusto Group Co-Founder.

As guests enter the bar through a custom-made vault door, they first encounter a classic 1952 MG. The entire space is visually stimulating, from walls adorned with replicas of famous artwork, from the Mona Lisa to The Scream to a video display featuring "end of the world" b-roll, in an effort to remind guests that there's no better time to seize the day than right now, here with your best friends and loved ones.

"With the way the world is evolving, we want to provide our guests with a space that encourages them to embrace life, embrace old art and music, because I think, in general, society is losing a sense of what's beautiful. We need to get back to our roots and lure people into that," explains De Anda.

De Anda and team also plan to showcase local artists and host exhibitions and special events and other unique storytelling formats.

While a DJ spins upbeat house music, guests order from the Mixology menu of craft cocktails named after some of the aforementioned famous artwork that can be seen on the walls. Guests also have the option to move into the next room and enter a luxurious bunker, making this speakeasy undoubtedly one-of-a kind.

What else? You'll have to visit The Bunker to find out!


TORO KITCHEN + BAR - Expanding

Toro in Stone Oak will be relocating to a new space, which will be three times the size of the current restaurant, with the addition of rooms for private events.

Additionally, a new Toro location will soon be opening up in The Shops at La Cantera, along with a speakeasy bar called Lounge 43, which will feature the world's number one Spanish liquor, Liquor 43.

STYLUS MIXOLOGY - Coming in Summer of 2023

Stylus is anticipated to revive the 70s, a time when the nightlife's glamour and eccentricity stood out in every corner. Decorated with colors and shapes that convey elegance, a unique and vibrant atmosphere is created, reminiscent of the time when fashion, music, and culture came together to create an unforgettable night scene. Stylus is a tribute to those days. Being a perfect combination of nostalgia and elegance, it seeks to offer its clients a place where they can relax, socialize and experience a mixology based on the best of the 70s and today.


BOOMBOX - Coming in Summer of 2023

Do the funky cha cha slide, sing that a cappella in the shower, wear those funky 80s jeans, declare your love to your crush, and forget those who didn't love you back. Embrace your inner soul and let it radiate and fill this world with positive vibes! No matter how you slice it, every day is a new day to seize, carpe diem. Filled with Turtle Ninjas, pizza and 80s music, we invite you to vibe and enjoy!



Gusto Group is the parent company of a collection of brands, largely within the hospitality industry, that does everything with true "gusto!" All of the brands focus on offering a unique and immersive experience that transports guests to other cultures around the globe with just one bite, one sip, one unforgettable moment. This family-owned business was founded in 2020. Its first concept was Toro Kitchen + Bar, which was inspired by the founders' Spanish heritage and love of authentic Spanish cuisine found at popular tapas bars all over Spain.

The inception of Toro and Gusto Group came after Gerardo De Anda, Co-Founder, almost lost his life to a bull named Caramelo during the traditional Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Toro put them on the map, now with two locations. Subsequently, Gusto Group expanded their concepts to include Cuishe and Cellar Mixology, which are equally thematic, immersive and unique, with an international vibe.

For more information on The Bunker Mixology, located at 229 E. Houston St. #10, San Antonio, Texas 78205, please visit For more information on Gusto Group, please visit