By: Brian Cicioni | From: InsideHook

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago are well-established food meccas that attract top chefs and experienced diners from around the world. All four cities tend to be on every “Top 10 Food Cities in the Country” list and are likely to stay there. That said, while they might still exist under the radar as foodie destinations go, the 11 smaller cities below also have a lot to offer. Some have more famous neighbors (Newark, Queens and Wilmington), while others are just not as easy to get to via direct flight, but each is worth a trip in its own right.

San Antonio, Texas

There’s so much more to San Antonio’s food scene than the Tex-Mex that people still associate with the Alamo City. Range is a Tuscan-inspired steakhouse by Nebraska native chef Jason Dady, where you can get a ribeye for two prepared at your table with olive oil, fresh herbs and torch. The steaks are a mix of Midwestern and Texas. Located in the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk, Dorregos is an Argentine-inspired restaurant where you can try stews and meat pastries from South America’s most carnivorous country. The flaming provolone cheese gets the nod for best presentation. 

Down the block from Hotel Valencia, you’ll find La Panadería’s downtown location. There’s often a line around the block. And it’s one of those places where the selection begins to diminish within a few hours of when they open. There are multiple La Panadería locations as there are for Bakery Lorraine. For Lorraine, try the Pearl location before exploring the nearby food hall, where you can try The Jerk Shack spinoff, Mi Roti. There’s an outdoor market on weekends. 

For a taste of South Texas, check out Carriqui, which is named after a South Texas green jay and heavy on BBQ. If that’s your thing, try the smokehouse platter, which includes Achiote Chicken, BBQ Goat and Texas Brisket. Smoked meats can be added to any salad, including their namesake Carriqui.