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The relationship with Mastercard Global Cultural and Cross Border Marketing Division was established in May 2020 and was a result of the existing relationship with the Destination Research division. 

We have been in discussions with them for the past year, strategizing opportunities in three key areas -- Priceless.com, Mastercard Travel Rewards Mexico and Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle --and we are excited to share that we are moving forward with promotional activities in each area. 

  • Priceless.com – Virtual experiences that include destination messaging.
    • In October 2020, the first video was launched featuring Chef Elizabeth Johnson and destination messaging surrounding the cultural and historical attributes of the destination.  
    • Filming was completed on our second video at La Cantera/Vida de Loma Spa. The focus is health and wellness, connecting couples through the five senses.  
    • The third video is scheduled to be filmed in early June and will be a culinary experience featuring the San Antonio River Walk. 

  • Mastercard Travel Rewards Mexico
    • Promote San Antonio merchant offers to “ALL” Mastercard Holders in Mexico with special focus on cardholders who are Platinum and World Elite customers. 
    • Mastercard will deploy a robust digital marketing plan utilizing owned assets and other digital channels, along with social media. Leverage offers at five to six large issuing banks to amplify. 
    • Visit San Antonio will utilize all owned assets for the Mexican market to include Spanish website and Mexico social media channels. 
    • Partner invitations were curated by Mastercard. 
    • Promotion dates are June 14–Sept. 30. 

  • Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle
    • Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle provides concierge services to Platinum and World Elite card holders. 
    • Concierge Service for Platinum and World Elite Card holders in the United States and Latin America. 
    • Create exclusive destination content, messaging and promote offers from Mexico Travel Rewards and virtual experiences from priceless.com. 

If you would like additional information on these programs, please contact dorahbenavidez@visitsanantonio.com or franciscogallesgos@visitsanantonio.com 

Austin Virtual Field Trip 

Following the success we had in the Rio Grande Valley with the Virtual Field Trip for students, staff has secured an agreement with a school district in Austin to include the Virtual Field Trip in its curriculum for elementary school-aged children the week of May 24.   The 53-minute program includes Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills-aligned content (state standards for what students should know in the classroom) at the Alamo, SeaWorld San Antonio, Mission San Jose, San Antonio Zoo and Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  The program includes activities for students, programs for teachers and student-related itineraries for parents.  If you have any questions or would like more information about this program, contact franciscogallegos@visitsanantonio.com