The Tourism staff has made it through the list of the key accounts that had been identified in each market segment. We have had some initial conversations and have success in identifying those accounts that have a plan and/or are beginning their planning process.

Expedia Summer Co-op

Staff continues to work with Expedia and local partners to determine the timing of this campaign. We understand that we need to be flexible, so if we see that the dates need to be pushed, Expedia has said they are flexible with rolling this over to dates that make sense for our market. This is a co-op, so if you have any questions or have any feedback, please contact Dorah Benavidez at for additional information.


In conversations with the Senior VP of Global Cultural and Cross boarders, we have identified five key promotional opportunities with MasterCard through their Priceless Experiences and directly on their MasterCard cardholder website. We have submitted initial ideas for the virtual experience opportunity. In addition, we have started initial conversations on the local partner offers for MasterCard holders. If you have any questions, please contact Dorah Benavidez


Plans for recovery in Mexico are dependent on when the boarder opens. While the travel trade has said that their overall strategy will be to promote travel within Mexico, San Antonio will be one of the few USA destinations that will promoted. The geographic proximity, easy accessibility, affordability, culture and shopping offerings are all a profile the three companies feel will sell well in the immediate recovery time period, particularly in the North and Bajio region of the country.

Rio Grande Valley Consumer Engagement

As staff moves forward with the planning for this event, we have had to adjust our original footprint and activities. We are in the process of investigating an open-air concept as well as a drive-thru activity pick up, coupled with a strong media presence and digital and social media. For more information on the Rio Grande Valley consumer engagements, please contact Alex Gonzales at