The Communications Department recorded $5,107,479 in outer market earned media value and 317,042,846 Impact Impressions for September. Secured media represents coverage for San Antonio and our partners, which maintains the destination top of mind for visitors worldwide. Coverage recorded for the month in major outlets included Daily Herald, Yahoo! News, Jetsetter, Diablo Magazine, Travel Pulse, El Universal (Mexico), Tania Rincon (Mexico), Teleformula (Mexico), Viajeros TV (Mexico), Heraldo TV (Mexico), and Clin d’Oeil (Canada).

September was an important month for major announcements for our city. San Antonio kicked off the major announcements with the expanded number of Day of the Dead celebrations across the city which have helped make our city the top destination in the U.S. for this cultural celebration. This was followed shortly by the key opening announcement of the new Ruby City contemporary art center as well as the monumental, city-wide Sebastian retrospective exhibition. Both of these announcements created big news and rewarded San Antonio with significant earned media value.

A good amount of the September media value was obtained by taking advantage of the Mexican national soccer team’s friendly game in San Antonio. We have found continued success in bringing in visitors as well as large-scale media attention to the city and its offerings by using these types of events as a tent-pole attraction. For this year’s game, we were able to collaborate with some of the largest traditional media outlets from Mexico as well as with far-reaching social media influencers.

The Daily Herald – San Antonio's Newest Cultural Icon, Ruby City, Opens in Growing, Unique Arts Scene (picked up by 296 additional news outlets)

  • Earned media value: $793,258 (all coverage combined)
  • Impact Impressions: 66,104,853 (all coverage combined)

Yahoo! News – New Events Make San Antonio's Day of the Dead Celebration Largest in the U.S. (picked up by 260 additional news outlets)

  • Earned media value: $661,477 (all coverage combined)
  • Impact Impressions: 55,123,075 (all coverage combined)

El Universal (Mexico) – La casa de El Universal Deportes en San Antonio

  • Earned media value: $215,255
  • Impact Impressions: 26,906,880

CheapOAir – Why San Antonio, Texas is the Perfect Place to Learn About Hispanic History & Culture in America

  • Earned media value: $168,264
  • Impact Impressions: 14,022,000