The River Walk team and other VSA staff have begun to meet to begin theming and planning for the Ford Holiday River Parade and the Armed Forces River Parade.  

In March, River Walk Operations produced a very successful River Dyeing and Bud Light St. Patrick’s Parade and Festival. This year, an additional parade was added from the Museum Reach to the Pearl. A St. Patrick’s Artisan Show was also held. 

The River Walk team met with community members to discuss possible Pride events. They determined a parade would be preferred, and events will be determined and finalized after the committee meets again soon, with additional vendor/entertainment/sponsor information and interest. The River Walk team also met with the Day of the Dead producers to begin planning for the Day of the Dead parade to be held Oct. 28.  

Rio Magazine highlighted the River Walk events, and the team also planned future events for Drift & Dine and the Ford Mariachi Festival during Fiesta. The River Walk Royalty participated in all events.

Boats and tickets are still available for the Stella Artois Drift & Dine event that will take place May 3-5. If interested, please visit the River Walk website for information.