Membership Teams continue to increase our member networking opportunities to improve our member’s visibility and empower our members with their connected VSA community support.    

To ensure our members continue to receive the utmost value in their membership, our team has provided outreach via calls, emails, newsletters, and member enrollment consults to over 600+ members by evaluating their business needs and opportunities. Providing these outreaches has resulted in membership retention of 100% completion, in addition producing membership revenue and TPID revenue total amount of $500,664.54. These renewal metrics produced a 91% Goal completion for 2023.   

  • Membership Goals Progress: At the end of FY 2023 Q3, VSA has reached 650 members, with an increase of 22 new members for the quarter.  
  • Member Engagement:   

    • Outreach & Testimonials: The team continued to provide membership consultation by calling and emailing members for support or benefit questions needed. The increased member communication has allowed our team to ensure our members maximize all their benefits and resources. In addition, these follow-ups have highlighted testimonials and success stories from our members on how their VSA membership provided many business opportunities.  
    • Member Spotlight & Product Presentation: This quarter 40+ platinum members were given the opportunity to showcase their services and their business to all VSA departments. This has resulted in increased business referrals, service/product awareness, media/marketing awareness and location familiarity for our members.   

  • Member Events & Community Involvement:   

    • In April, Membership team focused on IPW preparation by providing members with marketing and media kits for IPW attendees and branding. These resources allowed our members to take advantage of business foot traffic by IPW attendees across the world to increase their branding visibility. In addition, members celebrated ¡Provecho!, our first event benefiting the San Antonio Hospitality Foundation to help provide local scholarships to students studying within the hospitality, tourism, and travel disciples.  
    • In May, the Membership team kicked off our Membership Mixer, in honor of National Travel and Tourism Week at Devils Whiskey Distillery, creating another successful networking event with over 100+ members in attendance.   
    • In June, the VSA team reflected and thanked our members for the completion of IPW. It was a month to honor the hard work, collaboration, and dedication of our members and city partners to make our city shine. We provided updates and praise from around the world to showcase what amazing opportunities have come to our city and will continue to come in the months and years after IPW.