Quadruple Creative

Creative executions are live for all four of the personas identified through research as the most impactful visitor types for San Antonio. Those identified as Urban Traveling Family, History/Arts/Culture, Foodie and High Energy Educated Urbanite travelers seeing San Antonio advertising targeted to each of the personas. A 30-second spot targeted to the High Energy Educated Urbanite is under development. In addition, because some digital applications require shorter segments (e.g., video pre-roll before a digital ad).

Summer Outreach

An intensive marketing effort rolled out to drive summer travel. More than 360,000,000 impressions will reach consumers through digital advertising, social media, print, email, streaming radio and TV, and cable and network TV. Our persona-based campaign continues to reach the target audiences efficiently and effectively through behavioral targeting. In addition, with funds from the newly established TPID, Marketing enhanced the summer plan to increase digital marketing, incorporate more video, add to the SEM efforts, add native and influencer marketing, add to the paid social media, expand TV reach from 14 to 30 markets, add programmatic network TV, add innovative OOH units, and add a streaming radio partner. Efforts are focused on Texas with reach also in the touch states and key national markets.

The summer plan includes a variety of special initiatives such as a San Antonio devoted show on the TV show Food Quest. Food Quest is hosted by Mario and Courtney Lopez and focuses on culinary and travel stories. The show will air on Food Network June 27 and Travel Channel June 28.

The summer marketing plan also includes an influencer campaign with Travel Mindset. Five family travel bloggers, selected by the Marketing team, will come to San Antonio June 28-30 to highlight San Antonio as an urban-traveling family destination. Through video, blog posts and social media, they will deliver content to their followers and also invite them to San Antonio for an “Instameet.” To maximize reach, an additional six influencers will share the messaging on social media, amplifying the messaging to even more potential San Antonio travelers.

The July issue of Houstonia magazine will include a 6-page section devoted to San Antonio, including images and editorial about new things to see and do in the city.

Monterrey Consumer Events

Through in-market activations at San Pedro de Pinta park and Pueblo Serena shopping mall, Visit San Antonio is exciting Monterrey, Mexico consumers to come to San Antonio this summer. A media plan of radio spots, billboards, social media and digital advertising will drive traffic to the events, which span from May 25-June 16.

Other International Outreach

Digital marketing in Mexico and Canada is pushing summer travel. Media partners in Mexico include Agency Trading Desk (programmatic, Device ID, paid social media, SEM), El Norte.com, Travel+Leisure.com, Quien.com, Life&Style.com, Marcobeteta.com, SpotX, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google Search. Print partners include El Norte (Monterrey) and Club Mural (Guadalajara). Partners in Canada include Agency Trading Desk (programmatic, Device ID, paid social media, SEM), The Weather Network, TripAdvisor, and SpotX. San Antonio as a cultural destination is also promoted through digital media in Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia.

Awareness & Image Studies

Marketing kicked off a bi-annual market research study to measure awareness and image of San Antonio as a vacation destination among leisure travelers. The study will be conducted in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, consistent with the 2017 study, and will help inform changes in destination awareness, appeal and advertising awareness.

CAB Input

Marketing met with the Client Advisory Board in April to discuss meeting planners’ use of destination websites. The Board’s input will help guide the Marketing team as development of a new Meetings website progresses.

Events Drive Visits

Consumers want to know what’s happening, and the Events section of the website is heavily trafficked. With the new website, this section is more engaging than ever. Don’t forget to add your events to VisitSanAntonio.com here. Also, the Submit An Event link now appears at the bottom of every page of the new VisitSanAntonio.com to make it easier for you. You do not have to be a Visit San Antonio member to add events.

Maps & Guides

Your customers might appreciate a copy of our convenient Tearaway Map showing the downtown and metro areas or our handy Dining & Nightlife Guides. If you would like a supply, please contact Visit San Antonio’s front desk at 210-244-2000.