Safety and responsible travel continue to be key messages shared through all our marketing channels.  You may have noticed the addition of #DoItForSA on the Visit San Antonio website and social media channels. As part of messaging related to safe traveling, the Marketing team is supporting the #DoItForSA hashtag, which originated with the City of San Antonio, to encourage the public to continue safe practices while traveling as business operations continue to return to normal.

Sports in the Spring
San Antonio is home to two major sporting events this spring – the NCAA Women’s Championship, going on now, and the Valero Texas Open, which takes place from April 1-4. This year, the entire duration of the NCAA Women’s Championship will be held in San Antonio. Visit San Antonio will promote the tournament all month long on social and digital channels, engaging with fans in real-time.  

San Antonio will also host the Valero Texas Open, which is welcoming spectators back this year. This tournament overlaps with the NCAA Women’s Tournament, which should make for a very busy start to spring in San Antonio!

Si San Antonio  
The Marketing team is preparing for a great summer with Si San Antonio. Building on last year’s Si San Antonio campaign, the Marketing team will deliver a simplified promotion allowing visitors to take advantage of discounts when staying at local hotels and enhance their time and experiences in San Antonio. This promotion will run on digital and social. 

In addition to the Si San Antonio promotion, brand awareness ads utilizing the same tagline will run on television, radio, digital outdoor, digital and social channels. These ads will feature aspirational messaging with accompanying images of well-known attractions and lesser-known gems. We can feel the momentum building for what is sure to be a great summer and we look forward to it.  

Visitor’s Guide 
Planning is under way for the 2021 San Antonio Official Visitor’s Guide, with a launch date of June 1. In response to the impact COVID-19 had on marketing budgets and business operations and quickly approaching deadlines, this year’s guide will be in digital form only. This is a great opportunity for Visit San Antonio to create a more interactive guide that incorporates rich media, including video and interactive elements, and allows advertisers the ability to place dynamic, time-relevant ad buys.  

Promote Your Events
Make sure consumers know all they can experience in San Antonio. Add your events to VisitSanAntonio.com. Also, the Submit an Event link now appears at the bottom of every page of VisitSanAntonio.com to make it easier for you. You do not have to be a Visit San Antonio member to add events.