Visit San Antonio is sensitive to the sentiment and concerns of the public regarding COVID-19. For this reason, the Marketing team, along with The Atkins Group and with the consensus of our Visit San Antonio Marketing Advisory Committee, made a decision to pause all paid marketing. This action was taken March 13 and will continue as we monitor the situation and until we determine the optimum time to again be in front of the consumer with our destination messaging. Concurrently, we are working with The Atkins Group on interim messaging and a recovery plan when there is a more positive environment.

A number of steps have been taken to inform consumers and partners. Coronavirus Update web pages are live for both for travelers and the hospitality industry. The Marketing team is working to update events on with rescheduling dates and cancellations, temporary hours, etc. To report temporary hours or event changes, please email We have also added to the website information about restaurants offering take-out and delivery. A virtual visitor center now answers visitor questions via email, phone and Live Chat.

Prior to March 13, a concerted Spring marketing effort was in progress across multiple channels including digital advertising, video, Search Engine Marketing, digital OOH, native content, paid social media, influencer marketing, e-mail, cable and streaming TV, streaming radio, podcast advertising, print and advertorial.

Alamo Plaza Wayfinding Map

Visit San Antonio worked with the Alamo and Alamo Plaza businesses to create a map that will help visitors understand what is happening at the Alamo and navigate around construction. Marketing will update the map as wayfinding changes. Maps were distributed to Alamo Plaza partners and are also available from the San Antonio Official Visitor Information Center or from Visit San Antonio (210-244-2000).

San Antonio Hype Video

Marketing recently supported the Destination Experience team in producing a high-energy “hype” video for convention and meeting groups to use at prior year promotions to announce San Antonio as their next meeting location. This video showcases San Antonio as a vibrant and unique destination and is intended to help create excitement and build attendance for the following year’s conference taking place in San Antonio.

Dallas Consumer Event

Marketing collaborated with Tourism and Communications to implement a consumer event Feb. 22-23 at Stonebriar Centre in Dallas. Digital advertising, a website geo-targeted banner and landing page, billboard, e-mail and radio advertising, as well as signage in the mall, promoted the event, which was attended by approximately 2,800 individuals. During the campaign time frame (February 8-23), visitors from Dallas to increased 178 percent year over year and page views from those Dallas web visitors increased 89 percent YoY. There were more than 11,000 views of the custom event page

2020/2021 Visitor’s Guide

Work is under way for the next version of the Official San Antonio Visitor’s Guide. The primary purpose of the guide is to provide content that inspires people to visit the destination. If you are interested in advertising in this guide, please contact David Dunham at our publishing partner Texas Monthly,

Promote Your Events

Make sure consumers know all they can experience in San Antonio. Add your future events to Also, the Submit an Event link now appears at the bottom of every page of to make it easier for you. You do not have to be a Visit San Antonio member to add events.