In recent days, we have been in contact with staff from the U.S. Travel Association and the Texas Travel Alliance to monitor events and discussions regarding COVID-19 and recovery efforts.  We have supported U.S. Travel’s letter-writing campaign to show our support for the hospitality industry by securing maximum federal funding and support for the economic recovery plans being considered by Congress and the Trump Administration.  

We have reached out to the U.S. Small Business Administration to learn more about the funding available to small businesses through Public Law No: 116-123, the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2020.  It is our understanding that approximately $1 billion will be made available to small businesses through the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.  As we learn more about this funding, we will provide updated information.

In addition, we have reached out directly to members of our federal delegation to be part of the conversation and solution for our collective recovery efforts.  We will remain engaged with our local, state, and federal elected officials and agencies to stay informed and identify any mechanisms to help our partners and the hospitality industry.