The Communications Department recorded $1,560,230 in outer market earned media value from 64 outer market media placements logged in June, with the values still affected by the pandemic changes in media and travel. Coverage recorded for the month included Forbes, Medium, AAA The Extra Mile, Thrillist, Southern Living, The Boston Globe, Texas Highways, Texas Lifestyle and Travel Magazine, Inbound by Connect Travel, The Bharat Express News, The Chalk Report, Never Stop Travelling, Travel for the Senses, Inbound Report; Mexico’s Charbel Kuri, Imagenes del Turismo, RSVP Excelsior, Travel Report, Publitur, Vidalturismo, Gourmet Mexico; Canada’s Travel Pulse, Travel Week, Travel Press, Canada Express News; the UK’s The Telegraph, The Daily Star, UK Time News; Germany’s Der Passagier; Switzerland’s About Travel; Franc’s Look Travels; Italy’s Latitudes Travel Magazine; Australia’s E-Global Media, Report News; Brazil’s Mercado & Eventos,; Spain’s Viajes Boletin; Argentina’s Daily Travelling News, ABC Mundial; Colombia’s Mix News, A Un Viaje de Distancia; Panama’s Caribbean News Digital; Poland’s All Inclusive.  

The top media coverage for June highlights our continuing push for summer travel as well as for the launch of Tasting Texas Wine + Food Festival. The month’s top clips also included two great stories resulting from our spring media mission to the UK. 

Top Media Coverage for June 




Forbes – New Wine + Food Festival Celebrates Texas’ Gastronomy, Partners with James Beard Foundation 




Medium – Don't Forget the (Black) Cowboys 




The Telegraph (UK) – 10 classic American holidays – and their underrated alternatives 




The Daily Star (UK) – 10 weird and wonderful places in the US as it drops Covid tests for Brits 




Thrillist – 10 Perfect Summer Road Trips When You Need to Escape Austin