Convention Sales Production:

  • May production – bookings worth 7,765 room nights
    • Citywide Production: 2021 Department of Defense Intelligence Conference
      • 1,500 room nights peak / 5,680 total room nights
      • January 2021
  • May Lead Production
    • 44 Leads worth 65,813 total room nights
  • Citywide Postponements:
    • Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals, moved to Oct. 26-29, 2020
    • WorkHuman, moved to May 20-28, 2021
    • Avon moved to July 2021
  • Citywide Cancellations:
    • 41 groups, representing more than 249,000 total room nights and 243,650 attendees. Economic impact of $157,318,157.

An Actual Site Visit!

We just completed a very successful pre-program site visit with the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA), which is moving full steam ahead for the July Annual Coaching School & Convention for July 19-21. It was exciting to be with the THSCA team and review the meeting agenda, safety protocols and flow of their coming conference. As a community, we will have great knowledge and experience on how to host conventions in the near future that will be invaluable to our customers. If you have any questions on any standards or protocols on hosting meetings during this time period, please reach out to our team to discuss.

Customer Engagement

These past months we have hosted several virtual client engagement efforts. In addition to the virtual engagements we have already completed, we hosted a culinary event in conjunction with the Marriott Rivercenter and Riverwalk hotels. There, our customers learned how to make a refreshing summer cocktail, along with a tomato tartine perfect for any dinner occasion. We also completed a virtual string art project with our Texas customers, and cookie decorating events for our Chicago and Washington, D.C., clientele.

Last month we hosted a virtual cooking class in collaboration with the chefs from the San Antonio Rivercenter and Riverwalk Marriott Hotels. Customers were provided a list of equipment and ingredients in advance to ensure they would be able to participate side by side (virtually) with the chefs. Everyone was treated to a quick and easy “how to” to make a refreshing Grapefruit and Rose’ Spritz Cocktail to sip on as they followed along to prepare the savory Pan Roasted Tomato Tartine appetizer. Chefs Rea and Annotti were a dynamic duo; great conversation and laughs were shared by all. This client-engagement experience was greatly enhanced with the partner participation and resources from the Marriott team as well as PSAV, which helped provide technical support on-site. More fun experiences are on schedule each month and we look forward to continuing to share the San Antonio story with our clients around the globe.

Coming key groups meeting in San Antonio in July:

  • Solution Tree 2020 Summer PLC Institute
  • Texas High School Coaches Association