Destination Sales:

Citywide Cancellations/Postponements:

  • Citywide Postponements:
    • National Society of Black Engineers, moved to August 17-23, 2020
    • Informa Business Media, moved to August 22-27, 2020
    • Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals, moved to October 26-29, 2020
    • WorkHuman, moved to May 20-28, 2021
  • Citywide Cancellations:
  • 20 groups, representing more than 122,000 total room nights and 107,000 attendees. Economic impact of just less than $70 million.
  • Citywide Groups Still Investigating:
    • 6 groups

We have received positive feedback from our clients on the San Antonio hospitality community. They are very appreciative of everyone’s willingness to work with them and the partnership. The latest cancellation we have experienced is August; however, as of now the majority of our citywide groups are still moving forward with their convention plans.

Travel and client engagement opportunities have been reduced, including Chicago and D.C. Sales Missions, sales calls to all markets, FAMs and multiple industry conventions and tradeshows.

Sales Team 30- and 60-Day Plans:

30-Day Plan: Working with clients to rebook or postpone meetings vs. canceling them. Focusing on projects including SimpleView transition, citywide sales strategy, account cleanup, prospecting research, etc. Putting together best practices and SOP for virtual site visits.

60-Day Plan: Once the business climate shifts and clients are ready to discuss new business, we will look to pursue opportunities based on the plans and projects being completed during our 30-day plan (e.g., prospecting research, account cleanup, citywide strategy, etc.).

The Sales Team has seen the following Lead volume​:

56 leads sourced through mid-April, representing 129,874 total room nights​. This represents a lead volume drop of 37% compared to the same time last April.

Destination Experience:

The Destination Experience team has been managing several projects as they plan for the eventual recovery of the hospitality industry in San Antonio. In evaluating our value proposition as the Experience Team for Visit San Antonio, we will continue to focus on attendance building initiatives through an innovative and layered marketing approach. We will roll out new strategic plans and resources in order to help clients succeed with capturing greater attendance. As you have heard from key industry leaders across the globe, we too anticipate that although meetings will start to convene in the near future, attendance will potentially remain affected in the short-term of the economy reopening. Attendance will be primary focus for all.

This focus includes continued weekly communication with our clients through December, in which we offer vital support and e-tools for their marketing teams, the enhancement of our existing marketing tools and development of new resources, and the launch of a new comprehensive meeting planner’s guide to promote, plan and prepare for a successful meeting in San Antonio.

Additional client engagement efforts were launched to ensure San Antonio stays top of mind for planners. One example of this is the new “Taste of San Antonio” recipe card series to spotlight some of our culinary partners around the city with easy step by step directions on how to infuse the flavors of the Alamo City into our client’s kitchens during these unprecedented times. If you have a recipe to share, please send it our way.

Throughout the past month, members of the Destination Experience team supported the San Antonio Food Bank and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. This has included stuffing care packages, working the frontlines to hand out valuable food resources to families in need and donating vital blood products. Visit San Antonio promotes local Community Service partners throughout the year by connecting them with meeting planners looking to give back to San Antonio. In these unprecedented times, it has been both rewarding and critical to continue these efforts. Many local non-profits are in need of contributions; please consider making a donation today!