As we headed into the final month of the fiscal year, we knew it would be a busy and exciting time in the destination. We’re proud to report that the Communications was able to beat its ambitious goal of $40 million in Earned Media Value with a total of $40,107,991. This was a total team effort from the internal team along with the agency teams in the U.S., Mexico and Canada – and, of course, all of our valued partners across San Antonio that helped host and showcase our city to media.

A key aspect of the strategy to reach this significant earned media value target was collaborating with popular social media influencers and highlighting unique, authentic destination events. In September, we were able to host Mexican influencers Tania Rincon, Daniel Perez, Manu Manuti and Inaki Alvarez as they explored San Antonio in time for the soccer game between the national teams from Mexico and Argentina. In addition to the game, the influencers experienced signature restaurants, museums, attractions and additional entertainment offerings.

In the beginning of September, the Communications team took the show on the road in conjunction with the Tourism Development department. On a multi-city sales and media mission to Germany, the team was able to meet dozens of top media.