April was the first full month under the COVID-19 crisis engulfing media coverage and there has been decreased appetite for travel coverage. As the month rolled on, it became clear people and media wanted inspiration and escapism, and Visit San Antonio obliged.

Media continued reaching out for stories about how travel businesses are positively affecting the community in this uncertain time. Visit San Antonio used all available partner information on these efforts to keep San Antonio in the positive media coverage. We ask our partners to continue sending us information and photos that may fit this type of story.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve begun developing strategic plans for the recovery period. In line with research showing travelers will be more likely to take road trips than flying vacations, our strategy will focus on Texas and other drive markets in touch states and northern Mexico. Part of this strategy includes working with radio and television stations in key Texas markets to promote San Antonio via travel giveaways. If you are interested in participating, please be sure to contact us at pr@visitsanantonio.com.

Visit San Antonio also is working closely with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation to develop the Greater. Safer. Together. Pledge. If you haven’t taken the pledge yet, please be sure to take it and proudly display the corresponding graphics on your marketing channels and place of business – the pledge form and toolkit are available at www.GreaterSaferSA.com. This pledge will help us not only with media inquiries about what our destination is doing to be a safe place to visit, but also for the consumer to know we care and are doing what we can to keep us all safe. For the visitor, we’ve created the page www.VisitSanAntonio.com/SaferSA to give clarity to how San Antonio is here as a welcoming and safe destination. The page provides general safety information and links out to additional information – if your organization has posted information on new health and safety measures related to COVID-19, please be sure to share with us so it may inform our media conversations and this page for visitors.

We hope you stay safe and healthy and look forward to continuing working with all of our partners to tell the positive San Antonio story through and after the current situation.