In the middle of all of the Fiesta activities, plenty of work still had to be completed by the Visit San Antonio team. During Fiesta itself, the team was able to welcome five media to experience the unique time of year that is so very emblematic of our destination. Media representing CNN, AFAR, Boston Globe, McClatchy News Syndicate, Diablo Magazine and Gazelle Magazine experienced Fiesta staples including the Battle of the Flower Parade and NIOSA, as well as destination highlights including San Antonio Museum of Art, La Panaderia, Pearl, Southtown and Pharm Table.

In a unique partnership, Visit San Antonio collaborated with the City’s Arts & Culture Department to host a media and film industry showcase in Los Angeles. The event showcased San Antonio artists to television and film producers and L.A.-based media as well as served to draw in additional conversations of what our destination has to offer travelers and production companies looking to film here. The event was part of a larger, annual media mission to Los Angeles that has previously resulted in great accolades and coverage for San Antonio.

One of the big undertakings for working with media is providing current destination photos and video. The Visit San Antonio is working hard to clean out outdated and low-resolution images and video from our files and hiring photographers as we can to update the most iconic parts of the destination. We depend on our partners as well to provide photo and video assets so we can include you in our messaging – if you’re recently taken new photos or videos and would like for us to include in our media library, please be sure to contact us.

In May Visit San Antonio went back on the road for successful media missions to Toronto, Washington, D.C. and Corpus Christi – be sure to check back next month to hear of all the wonderful results.