Thanks to the COVID-19 situation, the Communications team in a matter of days went from pitching Spring Break and summer travel to halting those efforts. As a result, the team is using this time to refresh media materials, photos and video, as well as preparing strategic plans for the eventual time pitching and talking about travel is feasible again.

In the meantime, we are seeing some media interest in stories about how organizations, hotels and other travel businesses are helping out the community in this uncertain time. If you or someone you know is doing something that you’d like us to share with media, please be sure to reach out to the Communications team.

February was a productive month for media conversations and coverage. With the large amount of media coverage, we were able to cross the halfway point of the fiscal year’s $41 million goal for earned media coverage. In February, the Communications team hosted the editorial team from Worth Magazine, and we’re hopeful it will lead to another great round of coverage and accolades for San Antonio. We also hosted the Windy City Times and Epoch Times.