In late May and early June, the Visit San Antonio Communications team switched the main message points to focus on the launch of the Sí San Antonio promotional campaign. Extensive pitching was conducted to key target markets across the state, as well as to selected regional and national media outlets. There was strong interest in the promotion and in collaboration from media to get the word out about taking a road trip to San Antonio. Unfortunately, due to the sudden spike in COVID-19 cases in the state in late June, we were forced to temporarily pause the efforts for active promotion of the campaign and in-person trips.

In light of the rise in cases, the Communications team returned to reinforcing future travel inspiration and planning messaging, which has also had a positive reception from media and the public. Media and travelers are very interested in inspirational photos, videos and virtual experiences. If you have any updated imagery or virtual experiences, please be sure to share with us ( so we can enhance your reach as we tell the destination story.

As mentioned last month – and more so with the current increase in cases – we’re seeing an increase in visitors and media looking for how destinations are handling health and safety. To this end, Visit San Antonio also is working closely with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation on the “Greater. Safer. Together.” Pledge. If you haven’t taken the pledge yet, please be sure to do so and proudly display the corresponding graphics on your marketing channels and place of business. The pledge form and toolkit are available at

For the visitor, we’ve created the page,, to give clarity on how San Antonio is a welcoming and safe destination. The page provides general safety information and links out to additional information. If your organization has posted information on new health and safety measures related to COVID-19, please be sure to share with us so it may inform our media conversations and this page for visitors.

We hope you stay safe and healthy and look forward to continuing working with all of our partners to tell the positive San Antonio story through and after the current situation.