March was a strong month of media coverage after continued efforts of laying the groundwork for increased travel optimism. The Visit San Antonio Communications team remained hard at work pitching media for immediate travel stories as well as spring travel. The team continues to focus on regional media to help spur the quick-turnaround visitor to San Antonio as well as being opportunistic with national media opportunities.   

Mexico has been a focus market to continue to lure a strong number of fliers into San Antonio. The Communications and Tourism Development departments joined forces to host webinars for Mexican media and travel trade, which have resulted in great media coverage of our city’s efforts to remain a safe destination and to introduce what’s new and popular. During March, the Communications team also partnered with the Tourism Development department to promote a great program to provide virtual school field trips to schools in the Rio Grand Valley. These trips were tied into educational priorities for schools, while being fun and showcasing San Antonio and its offerings.   

March also brought the NCAA Women’s Championship tournament and Visit San Antonio’s Communications team worked hard to ensure the city shined in television and additional media coverage. The hosting of the tournament was key not just for accommodating the event itself, but as a way to tell incoming and future events and conventions that San Antonio is a safe and welcoming city as we emerge from the pandemic.   

In March, the Communications team also saw a gradual increase in media interest in travel, hopefully a harbinger of things to come as more people are vaccinated and willing to explore.  

As we plan the strategy for the rest of spring and the beginning of summer, we’ll lean further into telling the story of what positive news 2021 brings, including the openings of hotels, restaurants, attractions and exhibitions. Many fantastic local restaurants and unique hotels have opened or are about to open, and it will certainly tell the story of San Antonio’s recovery from the pandemic. If you have news to tell, please be sure to share with Visit San Antonio so we may help amplify the news as possible and appropriate.