While the first two weeks of March were a mix of the pre- and current COVID era, mid- and late March was a completely new world. After letting the initial situation clarify travel media’s place in this crisis, in late March and early April it became clear people wanted inspiration and escapism.

In late March, media began reaching out looking for stories about how travel businesses are positively affecting the community in this uncertain time. Visit San Antonio used all available partner information on these awe-inspiring stories, working to keep San Antonio in the positive media coverage. We continue to ask our partners to send us information and photos that may fit this type of story.

As we settled into working from home and getting some sense of what a post-COVID world may look like, we’ve begun developing strategic plans for the recovery period. In line with research showing travelers will be more likely to take road trips than flying vacations, our strategy will focus on Texas and other drive markets in touch states and northern Mexico. We invite you to share with us your strategies, promotions and media plans for the bounce-back so we may align and assist however we can.

We hope you stay safe and healthy and look forward to continuing working with all of our partners to continue telling the positive San Antonio story through and after the current situation.