WHO: Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation

WHAT: Rey Feo Scholarship announces a city-wide River Parade in honor of Hispanic Heritage month full of superheroes and cosplayers. Come see which favorite superhero will float down the San Antonio River Walk loop this September! Campaigning for education.

WHEN: Saturday, September 23, 2023 7PM

WHERE: Arneson River Theater 418 Villita St. San Antonio, TX 78205

Join Rey Feo Scholarship as Rey Feo Celebrates Hispanic Heritage month with a River Parade for Education on the San Antonio River Walk this September. Scholarship students featured with superheroes will illuminate the River Walk. Learn what it takes to get a River Parade going in San Antonio and the partnerships involved in hosting this premier event!! Let's celebrate student achievement and the success of the longstanding tradition of the Rey Feo program! For more information visit www.reyfeoscholarship.com.

Claudia Castoreno Reception & Coordinator O: 210-403-9001 C: 210-445-2616 reyfeoscholarship.com

Over $8 million given to educate youth! Viva Fiesta & Viva Rey Feo! April 18-28, 2024