San Antonio, TX – The Alamo and the Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation are delighted to announce the successful unveiling of the Mission Gate and Lunette interpretation at the Shrine of Texas Liberty, a significant addition to the historical site’s narrative.

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a representative from the Kelleher Family expressed their excitement about supporting the Alamo Plan: “We are ecstatic to be part of the Alamo Plan, playing a role in preserving the grounds and enriching the visitor experience. It’s a privilege to assist in enhancing the narrative of these cherished grounds.”

Carlos Cortes, the artist responsible for the interpretation, spoke of the personal importance of the project: “Growing up in San Antonio I've always had a deep connection to its history and culture, which has instilled in me a profound appreciation of the significance of the Alamo to our city. To be entrusted with contributing to its story is both an honor and a privilege.”

In her speech, Dr. Kate Rogers, Executive Director of Alamo Trust, Inc., extended her thanks to the Kelleher Family for their charitable donation and to Carlos Cortes for his dedication to this significant project. “Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Kelleher Family for their generous contribution, enabling this vital interpretation. We are also immensely thankful to Carlos Cortes for his artistic endeavor. This project illuminates the indigenous population's contributions in the 1700s during Spanish Colonial settlement to San Antonio, and the strategic modifications by the Mexican Army in 1835, broadening our visitors' understanding of the Alamo's 300-year history dating back to 1724,” remarked Dr. Rogers.

The Mission Gate and Lunette interpretation significantly contributes to the Alamo by offering visitors a more profound connection to its history and a wider appreciation of its importance. Through the combined efforts of the Alamo Trust, Inc., the Kelleher Foundation, and Carlos Cortes, this project ensures the enduring legacy of the Alamo for future generations.

This unveiling represents a significant milestone in the continuous preservation and interpretation of the Alamo’s rich history, offering guests an enhanced perspective on its crucial place in the story of Texas.

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