By: Robin D. Thomas | From: XO Necole

As someone with multiple different groups of friends, when it is time to take a vacation together, there are several factors I have to consider in order to plan the perfect girl’s trip. I have friends that I’ve known since I was a teenager, friends who are parents, bougie friends, beach bums, and those who are just always with the shits. Each set of friends we keep will come with a different set of needs and preferences, which all have to be considered when booking trips.

Comparing budgets and dietary restrictions is just the beginning of the things you need to factor in to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Truly understanding what type of friends you are traveling with will allow you to accurately choose the right destination and activities to satisfy everyone.

And I know for some people, group trips are a no-no due to the reputation for people leaving as friends and coming back as enemies. We’ve all heard stories about people beefing on vacation and losing friends in the process (looking at you, Miami). Conflicts often arise when the destination doesn't align with the group's diverse interests, leaving some feeling left out or unsatisfied. This makes it crucial to choose a location that resonates with the collective vibe of your friends.

Choosing a peaceful beach destination may not work for adventure-seeking friends, and a “we’ll only be sleeping there” mindset when choosing a hotel won’t cut it with your luxury-seeking girlies.

Understanding the unique dynamics and desires of your group—whether they crave adventure, relaxation, cultural experiences, or vibrant nightlife—can help ensure a harmonious and enjoyable trip for all. In this article, I’ll delve into a variety of destinations tailored to different types of friend groups, helping you select the perfect spot that meets everyone’s needs and creates lasting memories.

From serene beaches and bustling cities to mountain retreats and cultural havens, let's find the ideal location for your next girls' trip!


For the Foodies...San Antonio!


Calling all foodies! If you didn’t know already, San Antonio has a huge culinary scene and offers a lot for folks like me who will travel for food. For reference, San Antonio was designated as a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, specifically because of the city's rich culinary heritage and diverse food options. From authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex to mouthwatering BBQ and healthy farm-to-table dining experiences, the city has something for every palate. Foodies should spend a Sunday Funday exploring the iconic River Walk, which is lined with an array of different restaurants, bars, and cafes paired with scenic views.

If you really want to maximize your trip, plan your visit around one of San Antonio's renowned food festivals, such as the Tasting Texas Wine and Food Festival, which showcases the best local cuisine, wines, and craft beers. With its blend of traditional and contemporary culinary delights, San Antonio promises a memorable and delicious adventure for food-loving friends.