By: Brett Nicole Hayden | From: The Everygirl

Truth be told, the only thing I can think of that’s better for the soul than a girls’ trip is a mother-daughter trip. There’s something extra special about spending quality time with your mom, and taking a trip together gives you both an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. If Hallmark advertisements have taught us anything over the years, it’s that memories are precious. And now that we’re adults, time with our moms is a gift, not a given. The best way to take advantage of this time together is by making as many memories as possible.

Whether you’re planning a Mother’s Day getaway, a well-deserved birthday celebration, or a spontaneous vacay, picking the perfect destination is the first step. With so many unique cities within the U.S. to choose from, you can easily find something for every preference. If you and your mom are looking for adventure, want to spend all day exploring a new city, or are in need of a break from daily life, your ideal destination is out there. These 10 mother-daughter trip destinations in the U.S. offer options for every travel preference. Let the trip planning begin!


1. San Antonio, TX

As one of the most underrated cities in Texas, San Antonio has more to offer than you could ever imagine. The city is bustling with culture, amazing food, and endless activity options. Are you and your mom history buffs, avid foodies, or nightlife lovers? San Antonio’s your place. The city is of course known for the Alamo, which is a unique experience in itself that you won’t want to miss. Then there’s the River Walk, where you can spend days eating, drinking, people-watching, and soaking up the sun on a river boat tour. In a city with as much history as San Antonio, ghost stories abound, so sign up for a ghost tour to learn all about the city’s spooky history. And, if shopping is your jam, be sure to visit the Pearl District and the Historic Market Square.