By: Jacqui Agate | From: National Geographic

Whether musical theatre, feminist art or mid-century design, the stories of the US are being celebrated in a string of new museums this year.

4. Exhibition Hall and Collections Building at The Alamo, San Antonio

Spanish mission the Alamo is one of the most recognisable historic places in the USA. It preserves the story of the Texans’ bloody fight for independence, which saw them clash with Mexicans in the famous battle of 1836. And the site is about to get its first addition in decades. Set to open in March 2023, a new exhibition area will give more space to the existing Alamo Collection – whose artefacts include rifles and soldiers' jewellery – and take on a huge storehuge store of related objects from history enthusiast Phil Collins (yes, that Phil Collins). Newly donated items include a bronze cannon and the original battle orders from Mexican General López de Santa Anna.

Also worth trying… UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio

This Smithsonian-affiliated site offers up another piece of Texas’s cultural jigsaw. It’s dedicated to championing the many diverse people that make up the state and their culinary, artistic and musical contributions. The museum represents cultures from Mexico to the Canary Islands and festivals celebrate Asian heritage and Texan folklife, too.