By: Priscilla Aguirre | From: MySA

To mark World Bicycle Day on Saturday, June 3, LawnStarter released a study that ranked the best cities in the U.S. for cycling – and San Antonio was among the Top 20. The Alamo City beat every other Texas city on the list, coming in at No. 16 in the study that was released on Thursday, June 1.

LawnStarter, which is an Austin-based online platform for mowing, compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 27 key indicators of a cyclist-friendly lifestyle, such as access to bike trails and bike rentals, the share of bike commuters, the presence of cycling clubs and the number of bike races and tours.

In the ranking, San Francisco was ranked the best overall. New York City came in second, Portland landed in third, Seattle took fourth, and Washington, D.C. claimed fifth. For Texas, San Antonio was ahead of Austin (No. 24), Houston (No. 27), and Dallas (No. 61). Several Southern cities were to the bottom of the ranking with low scores across the board, such as Killeen (No. 197), Mobile, Alabama (No. 199) and Jackson, Mississippi in last place.

San Antonio ranked high for its ride quality and access. The city was also ranked for having the most top-rated bike trails, thanks to more than 100 miles of multi-use trails along the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail System. The Greenway trails wind through natural landscapes along many of San Antonio's waterways, including Salado Creek, Leon Creek, Medina River, and Westside Creeks (Apache, Alazan, Martinez, San Pedro, and Zarzamora).

Happy cycling!