From: Bobo & ChiChi


When it comes to Texas, Austin has become a major destination, meanwhile, nearby San Antonio has flown under the radar and is an underrated city in the US to check out. This underappreciated city also lies in the Hill Country, one of the most beautiful places in Texas and it is the perfect weekend getaway destination.

San Antonio played a major role in Texas’ infamous history and battle for independence from Mexico. Everyone has heard the cry “Remember the Alamo!” and in San Antonio, you can see it with your own eyes.

Visitors can tour the Alamo along with four other historic missions. The National Historic Park stretches over 8 miles and can be seen by car, walking, or even by bike.

San Antonio also has a river that it has made excellent use of. The River Walk is one of the city’s highlights, with restaurants and hotels lining the riverfront downtown. Grab a margarita and authentic Mexican food for lunch. Be sure to join a river cruise for the best experience.

Another must-visit site in San Antonio is El Mercado in Market Square. This is the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico.

The area around the Alamo is the best place to stay in San Antonio with historic hotels like the Crockett HotelThe St Anthony, and the Menger Hotel. These hotels all lived through the city’s turbulent history and are just steps from The Alamo and the River Walk.

Contributed by Erin of SolSalute