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Formula 1: Make Your Next Pitstop in Beautiful San Antonio

Extend Your Stay and Embrace the Cultural Charm & Authenticity of the Alamo City

San Antonio welcomes travelers to immerse themselves in captivating experiences. As the second-largest city in Texas, we boast a dynamic blend of heritage and modernity. Beyond our world-renowned culinary delights, San Antonio’s vibrant arts and culture scene breathes life into every corner of the city.

Take a look at some great ideas on how to best explore the Alamo City and all it has to offer during your time with us.

Explore San Antonio's World Heritage

The Alamo, an iconic symbol of Texan resilience, stands as a testament to the city’s rich history – but there is still more to explore when it comes to San Antonio’s World Heritage.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, a member of the National Park Service, may be steeped in incredible history; but, it offers thriving communities, stories, and events even today. Visit each of the missions, learn more about their unique pasts, and discover foundations that lead to our city as it currently stands today.

Together, the Alamo and San Antonio Missions National Historical Park make up the first and only UNESCO World Heritage site in Texas.

Things to Do in the Alamo City

Wander through the historic streets of the downtown area, where the past and present coexist harmoniously. The scenic River Walk winds its way through the heart of San Antonio, inviting you to stroll along its serene banks or dine in charming waterside restaurants.

Adventure enthusiasts will find their thrill in San Antonio’s exhilarating attractions. From thrilling amusement parks to natural wonders like caverns and scenic parks, there’s no shortage of exciting activities to fill your days.

San Antonio’s character and charm promise a journey that exceeds expectations, blends history, culture, and culinary delights, and offers endless entertainment for an unforgettable experience.

Save on Attractions

San Antonio Was Made for Culinary Adventures

San Antonio is proud to stands as one of just two cities in the country honored with the prestigious UNESCO designation as a Creative City of Gastronomy.

With an incredible history spanning over three centuries and rich in culture and heritage, our restaurants today masterfully encapsulate the authentic and unmatched flavors that define San Antonio.

Explore the best restaurants in San Antonio and quickly understand why our harmonious blend of tastes consistently impresses and amazes all!

Your Personal Guide to San Antonio

Curate your visit to San Antonio, discover the best places to eat and unforgettable things to do, unlock hidden gems, and dive deep into our arts & culture scene. The Visit San Antonio Official Visitor’s Guide is your personal guide to the best ways to experience all that the Alamo City has to offer! View the guide below now or download and save for later!