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San Antonio Weather

Know Before You Go and Check the Forecast

With an average of over 250 days of sunshine each year, there's a high probability that you'll experience great weather during your time with us, but just to be sure, check out our weekly weather forecast with one of the Alamo City's most trusted meteorologists! Before you pack your suitcase, check our San Antonio weather forecast to decide between pants or shorts, long or short sleeves, boots or sandals. You get where we are going here.

On average, August is the warmest month, and January is the coolest. We enjoy over 250 days of sunshine in the Alamo City and the average annual precipitation for San Antonio is just 32.91 inches.

San Antonio Weather Averages

  Daily Avg.
Max Temperature
Daily Avg.
Min Temperature
Avg. Rainfall
in Inches
January 62° F 39° F 1.65
February 67° F 42° F 1.73
March 74° F 50° F 1.89
April 80° F 57° F 2.60
May 86° F 65° F 4.72
June 91° F 72° F 4.29
July 95° F 74° F 2.05
August 95° F 74° F 2.56
September 90° F 69° F 2.99
October 82° F 59° F 3.86
November 71° F 49° F 2.60
December 64° F 41° F 1.97