Let us paint you a picture — You’re exploring the best local galleries, visiting world-class museums, and taking in all the best-performing art events you can find under the sun. It’s not fantasy; it’s Contemporary Art Month (CAM) in San Antonio.

While SATX is known for its exceptional culinary scene and decades of rich history, the Alamo City also boasts a thriving community of talented local artists and creatives; if that’s not enough, we even have a whole month dedicated to celebrating our dynamic contemporary art scene! That’s right. Every March, the city transforms into a hub of creativity with a diverse array of events for all to enjoy.

Need some recommendations on where to Gogh? With Picasso many events to choose from, we’re highlighting a few things you need to know and can look forward to.

CAM for the Casual

If you’re a newcomer to art, this month-long extravaganza is the best time to explore what really draws your interest. Whether it's painting and sculpture or digital art and performance, a great way to easel your way into CAM is by attending a First Friday or Second Saturday event at the Blue Start Arts Complex. Often featuring live music and vendors, these are some of the most accessible events for the newbies and causal enjoyers. Or check out one of SATX’s smaller museums, Ruby City, featuring a modest yet impressive collection of contemporary art that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

CAM for the Collector

At the heart of CAM is its mission to promote and support contemporary art and artists. One of the highlights of the month is the numerous gallery exhibitions that offer a chance to discover and engage with emerging talents. Find something you like (and take it home with you) at any of the galleries at the Blue Start Arts Complex. Some spaces like The Upstairs Studios are only occasionally open on Frist Fridays and other events, so make sure to plan ahead. You can find art priced at all ranges; so whether you’re a serious collector or just seriously love art, there’s something for everyone.

CAM for the Cultured

Every year since 2012, a staple of CAM is the Perennial Exhibition, which is curated to showcase local and surrounding talent. Kick off the month by visiting all the works of featured artists this year at the Contemporary at Blue Star, curated by Chief Curator of the Houston Museum of African American Culture. In addition to gallery exhibitions, CAM also features a plethora of special events and programming. This may include artist talks, panel discussions, workshops, interactive installations, and even a Student Film Festival.


CAM for the Cool

Art doesn’t only exist on the whitewashed walls of traditional gallery spaces. Throughout the city, public art installations spring up, transforming streets and parks into outdoor galleries. Previous years have even brought performances that would make you say “DAM!” — literally, the event was held in a dam. And while Southtown, complete with its incredible culinary scene and chic bars, continues to be the hub for CAM activities, you can find cool events all across town. This year, you can celebrate CAM with the first-ever Mercury PROMject on March 23. Be on the lookout for even more events to be announced soon.