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Día de Muertos

Día de Muertos

Real Heritage. True Traditions.

The largest Día de Muertos celebration in the United States is right here in San Antonio, Texas. Whether this is your first time hearing about Día de Muertos also known as “Day of the Dead,” or it’s a tradition you have celebrated for as long as you can remember – everyone is welcome to commemorate this celebration of life in San Antonio.

Get in the Spirit

Discover magic. And, experience the unforgettable spectacle of San Antonio’s annual Día de Muertos celebrations. Also known as “the Day of the Dead”, Día de Muertos is the tradition of celebrating and sharing memories of loved ones who have passed.

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Showcasing its rich heritage, the city commemorates this tradition with unique events during October and November. There’s something for everyone from traditionally dressed altars, to virtual festivals, to live music and a floating procession. Join in celebrating the rich culture of these historical traditions.

Common Questions

What is Día de Muertos?
Also known as “Day of the Dead”, Día de Muertos is a tradition-filled day during which families remember the departed and share memories of loved ones. To celebrate their lives, friends and family participate in a variety of activities including lively processions and parades, and traditional dress and altar building.

What is a Day of the Dead ofrenda/altar?
Altars, also referred to as “ofrendas” in Spanish, are arrangments honoring loved ones who have passed on. Though there are traditional items that are commonly placed on ofrendas, every ofrenda is special in its own way and often includes personalized elements that are unique to the individual(s) being honored.

What are all the items on the altars?
Sugar skulls, tamales, Pan de Muerto and more can all be found on Día de Muertos altars. Learn More about Day of the Dead altars here.

What are the Catrines & Catrinas?
Skeleton figures, especially elegantly dressed men (catrines) and women (catrinas), remind us that we are all equal in death.

Join us in commemorations across San Antonio!

Discover Day of the Dead in a city bursting at the seams with Latin heritage and culture. Experience Dia de Muertos in San Antonio this fall! The opportunities to commemorate the occasion are endless.

If your preference is outdoor festivities, live music, and vibrant celebrations, the annual Día de los Muertos Festival is held in downtown San Antonio at Hemisfair. National Geographic named this event as one of the best fall festivals in the United States in 2019.

The celebrations continue at the San Antonio River Walk for SpiritLandia, which features a special Day of the Dead River Parade featuring decorated river barges paying homage to this special tradition. Find a restaurant along the River Walk and book your reservation to view the parade along with dinner! The SpiritLandia celebrations continue all weekend long at La Villita.

You can also attend San Antonio’s longest-standing Día de Muertos celebration at Centro Cultural Aztlan in November.

Check out more Dia de Muertos events throughout the Alamo City at the link below.

Watch Día de Muertos Events

Día de Muertos (Muertos Fest)

For the locals, Muertos Fest coverage will air on
Sunday, October 30, 2022, from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. central
on KSAT12, and KSAT+.

Spirit Landia

If you can’t make it out to SpiritLandia, let SpiritLandia come to you!
Tuesday, November 1, 2022, at 8/7 pm central,
catch a one-hour special of coverage on
SpiritLandia hosted by Mario Lopez only on Peacock!

In the News

San Antonio’s Day Of The Dead SPIRITLANDIA Celebrations To Be Broadcast Nationwide On Peacock, November 1st

San Antonio Muertos Fest’s 10-year anniversary will be nationally televised

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