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Culinary Heritage

Real Innovative Cuisine. True Culinary Capital of Texas.

Immerse yourself in our food-centric culture

San Antonio might just be the world’s largest kitchen. Our culinary heritage derives from European and Mexican traditions of generations ago. Today, we blend that heritage with new, homegrown talent for a food and drink scene bursting with originality, bold flavors, and Tex-Next fun.

Here, heritage meets culinary innovation. And we have the accolades to prove it. In 2017, San Antonio was designated a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, signifying the city’s status as an international culinary destination. So, arrive hungry. Pull up a seat. And, come dine with us.

Common Questions

What is the UNESCO Creative Cities Network?UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network promotes international cooperation and encourages the sharing of experiences and resources to promote local development through culture and creativity.

How many cities obtain this designation? As of early 2021, 36 cities around the world have obtained this designation; however, San Antonio, TX and Tucson, AZ are the only two cities in the U.S.

Where can I learn more about UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy? You can learn more, here.

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