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Welcome to the Theme Park Capital of Texas

The Best Place for Theme Park Thrills is San Antonio

Get ready for thrills, chills, and aquatic encounters! San Antonio isn't just steeped in history and culture – it's also a haven for theme park enthusiasts. From high-speed roller coasters to fascinating animal shows, and even a one-of-a-kind inclusive park, San Antonio offers unforgettable adventures for families, adrenaline seekers, and everyone in between. Buckle up and explore the exciting world of theme parks in San Antonio!

What can I expect in Theme Park Captial of Texas?

  • 163 Rides, Slides & Experiences
  • NEW THIS YEAR: 16 New Rides, Slides & Experiences
  • 663 Acres of FUN

Choose a Theme Park to Explore

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Future Home of America's Largest DC Universe

Keep scrolling to learn about rides & attractions coming soon to
Six Flags Fiesta Texas' DC Universe! 

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

This summer, Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be home to the largest DC Universe, keep scrolling to take a look at some of the new rides coming soon!

CYBORG™: Cyber Revolution

Witness a feat of technology much like CYBORG himself, as the ride’s arms spin around each other while the ride rotates. You'll be seated on a gondola, which remains upright, at the end of one of four arms. Each of these arms swing around each other in a circular motion in fast, intermeshing orbits, creating a hypnotic look and feel.

SHAZAM! Tower of Eternity

SHAZAM™: Tower of Eternity is a high-flying drop tower experience for both kids and adults, inspired by its titular hero. Riders are lifted 70 feet above the ground to the tower’s apex before experiencing an exhilarating series of bounce and drop sequences.

METROPOLIS™ Transit Authority

Commute like Clark Kent and see the most heroic area of Six Flags Fiesta Texas from above. The train is a relaxing, slow-moving ride as travelers glide above the park. Enjoy bird’s-eye views of your favorite attractions as you make your way around the area, getting the same high-flying perspective as the hero of Metropolis, SUPERMAN.

SeaWorld & Aquatica San Antonio

North America's Largest Marine-Life Theme Park

Keep scrolling to learn about SeaWorld San Antonio's newest ride - Catapult Falls! 

SeaWorld San Antonio

Though known for its phenomenal conservation efforts, SeaWorld also offers thrilling, can't-miss rides & experiences. Keep scrolling to learn more about their newest thrilling ride, Catapult Falls!

World's First Launched Flume Coaster

Catapult Falls is not only SeaWorld San Antonio's newest ride, but it is also the world's first launched flume coaster!

World's Steepest Flume Ride

Do you have what it takes to take on the world's steepest flume ride? Test your bravery on Catapult Falls!

Only Vertical Lift Flume Coaster in North America

Your only chance to ride a vertical lift flume coaster in the entire country is at SeaWorld San Antonio!

Morgan's Wonderland

The Only Ultra-Accessible™ Park in the World

Keep scrolling to learn about Morgan's Wonderland's newest rides & attractions! 

Morgan's Wonderland, The Only ultra-accessible™ Park in the world!

Morgan’s Wonderland offers 29 Ultra-Accessible™ attractions, sprawled across a 25-acre oasis of inclusion. From a wheelchair-accessible Ferris wheel to catch-and-release fishing, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy!

Jette’s Wonder Bikes

Wheelchair-accessible, hang-glider-style cars that gently fly in a circular pattern. Pedals allow riders to make the cars swoop up and down and guests unable to access pedals can use hand cranks.

Rocket’s Sky Flight Adventure - Zip Line

The only 4-seater ultra-accessible™ zipline! This 4-seater accommodates riders with special needs and carriages have room for respiratory equipment or other gear needed by riders, plus additional restraints for riders with poor head and upper body control.

4D Cinema in Sensory Village

The First 4D cinema motion experience for people of all abilities! Unique features for riders in wheelchairs to have the same roller-coaster-type experience as typical riders, including electric actuators that deliver smooth, accurate motion effects, and a custom video screen size for guests of all abilities.

Pirate Island Cruises

All passengers, including guests in wheelchairs, can board the covered boat from the pier and dock and enjoy a smooth cruise around the lake. Passengers have the best view of guests enjoying the new zip line crossing directly over the lake.

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