San Antonio is a fantastic example of the diverse cultural heritage found in the Lone Star State and the Alamo City can even be considered the hub for cultural events and celebrations in Texas. 

With San Antonio’s rich history, lively festivals, and distinct blend of Texan and Mexican influences, The Alamo City exemplifies the blending of customs and cultures. One such example of this traditional fusion is Las Posadas.

Here is how to celebrate Los Posadas in San Antonio, whether you are a tourist or a local who wants to dive into this immersive cultural experience: 

What is Las Posadas? 

The Spanish word “Las Posadas” translates to “the inns” or “the lodgings” and is a traditional Mexican celebration that celebrates the biblical journey of Mary and Joseph from the Bible. The biblical tale recounts that Mary and Joseph sought shelter in Bethlehem on their way to Nazareth. Though they were turned away initially, they were inevitably able to seek shelter and received a visit from Three Wise Men. 

Las Posadas spans nine nights, from December 16th until December 24th. While this is traditionally a time of devotion, it is also a time for celebrations. A part of Las Posadas is singing pidiendo posado (the traditional Los Posasa song), music, piñatas, and eating sweets and food like tamales, atole, buñuelos, etc., or having traditional drinks like ponche, and café de olla. 

San Antonio is a fantastic place to celebrate Las Posadas because of its blend of Mexican and American traditions. 


San Fernando Cathedral 

Light show projected onto San Fernando Cathedral

During your trip to San Antonio during Las Posadas, stopping by the San Fernando Cathedral is a must. Not only is this cathedral one of the oldest in Texas, making it a large part of San Antonio’s religious and cultural events, but the San Fernando Cathedral also hosts an annual La Gran Posada. San Fernando Cathedral’s La Gran Posada often includes a prayer service and a pilgrimage with singing and music.

While at the San Fernando Cathedral, experience The Saga, an art installation by French artist Xavier de Richemont. The Saga is a 24-minute, 7,000-square ft. projection on the façade of the San Fernando Cathedral. 


Little Flower Basilica 

Another way to experience Las Posadas is with the Basilica of the National Shrine of Little Flower. The Basilica, built in honor of St. Therese of Lisieux, features gorgeous mosaics and stained glass. If you want to enjoy Las Posadas in a serene setting, then the Basilica is the place to do it.

The Little Flower Basilica will also hold a La Gran Posada, which will include Christmas songs or villancicos and invocations to the Virgin Mary, Cantos de Las Posadas, and the Litany. Audience members are invited to join a procession around the interior of Little Flower Basilica. Following the program, attendees can go to the parish hall for hot chocolate, buñuelos, and a piñata set up for the children. 

Other Ways to Celebrate Las Posadas in San Antonio 

Historic Market Square BannerThere are many other ways to celebrate Las Posadas throughout San Antonio. For example, during your Las Posadas stay, we encourage you to visit the San Antonio Missions, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visiting these historical spots will give you a deeper meaning of the spirit of the celebration and the rich historical heritage of San Antonio. 

We also recommend visiting Historic Market Square for festival stalls, traditional food, and artisan crafts so that you can have a souvenir to take home. San Antonio is also home to many Mexican and Latin American dining options to give you a fully immersive experience during Las Posadas. 


Embrace A Fiesta of Traditions in The Alamo City  

Ford Fiesta de la Luminarias

San Antonio is a culturally rich city that welcomes all traditions and cultures. Beyond Las Posadas, San Antonio is a treasure trove of cultural events and rich, immersive experiences. Start planning your trip today and discover the rich culture and history of San Antonio.