Fiesta San Antonio is a vibrant tradition that celebrates the history and culture of San Antonio, Texas. This annual April event blends history, culture, music, food, and plenty of pageantry and fun.

If you are looking for a unique way to immerse yourself in the culture of San Antonio, then Fiesta is an exciting way to do so. There is no shortage of fun this year, and this is your guide to making the most out of Fiesta San Antonio.


Fiesta San Antonio is Filled with Unique Traditions and Customs

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There are plenty of time-honored traditions to experience at Fiesta San Antonio. One of the most recognizable traditions of Fiesta is the colorful decorations that adorn the city during the celebration. San Antonio’s buildings, streets, and even cars are covered in brightly colored paper flowers, streamers, and lights.

Another unique custom is the coronation of the official Fiesta Royalty members. These 9 individuals are supported by his or her respective community organizations.  Fiesta San Antonio royalty titles include the following:

  • Queen of the Order of the Alamo
  • King Antonio, supported by the Texas Cavaliers
  • Rey Feo, supported by the Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation,
  • Miss Fiesta San Antonio, supported by the San Antonio Commission
  • La Reina de la Feria de las Flores
  • Fiesta Teen Queen, supported by the Woman’s Club of San Antonio
  • Charro Queen, supported by the Asociación de Charros de San Antonio
  • Queen of Soul
  • Miss San Antonio


"Show Me Your Shoes"

If you attend the Battle of Flowers parade, be on the lookout for royalty's shoes! This tradition began as Fiesta Royalty showing off their comfy shoes throughout the Battle of Flowers parade. Today, the selection in shoes has become elaborate, customized footwear that has everyone in the crowd calling out, "Show me your shoes!"


Fiesta Medals

Another long-standing tradition? Fiesta medals! You'll see Fiesta attendees donning as many Fiesta medals as their sashes, jackets, and shirts can handle. Many joke that you'll see people wearing their weight in medals – fastened to sashes, jackets, hats and more. Local businesses and organizations release new medal designs each year, enticing collectors to grow their collections with the latest designs. Start your own Fiesta medal collection - or add to it - at various events throughout the 11-day celebration!


The Many Fiesta Events to Experience

Fiesta San Antonio is not just a single event but a vast collection of events and experiences throughout the city. Of course, one of the must-see experiences is the many parades that will occur, including the Texas Cavaliers River Parade, the Battle of Flowers Parade, and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade.

Other exciting events happening during Fiesta San Antonio include:


Taste of the Republic

Taste of the Republic

When: April 18, 2024
Where: Jack Guenther Pavilion at the Briscoe Western Art Museum

Taste of the Republic is Fiesta Fiesta's VIP culinary event! Enjoy food from 12 Chefs who represent 6 culinary regions of Texas. There will be sample cocktails representing the Texas spirit and wine pairings at each chef station. This is expected to be a sold-out event and there are no tickets at the door so plan early!


Fiesta Oyster Bake

When: April 19 & 20, 2024 
Where: St. Mary’s University Campus 1 Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, TX 78228

Another exciting food event is the Fiesta Oyster Bake, which will support St. Mary’s University and help raise money for university programs and student scholarships. This volunteer-led event will include 40-plus bands and entertainers and approximately 100,000 oysters that will be enjoyed baked, raw, and fried. There will also be chicken on a stick with jalapeños, so come to this mouthwatering event.


King William Fair

When: April 27, 2024
Where: 122 Madison Street, San Antonio, TX 78204

Join us for the ultimate family-friendly Fiesta® San Antonio experience at the King William Fair, an iconic event since 1968. Enjoy a vibrant parade, explore art and craft vendors, immerse yourself in lively music and dance, and treat your taste buds to delicious food and beverages.


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A Day in Old Mexico

When: April 28, 2024
Where: Rancho del Charro, 6126 Padre Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214

Discover what a true Charreada is, Mexico's sport similar to rodeos. In addition to the charreada, catch live music, dances, food, and more fun for the entire family!


And so much more! The events to attend this Fiesta are endless, be sure to scope out the Official Fiesta San Antonio Event Calendar for even more Fiesta event suggestions! 


San Antonio is a Great Travel Destination for Unique Cultural Celebrations

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San Antonio is a city that prides itself on its unique blend of cultures and traditions and embodies diversity in many events and experiences.  If you are looking for a unique travel destination that offers Texan hospitality with a variety of cultural backgrounds, then start planning your trip to San Antonio.