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San Antonio is a city set apart from others. It is the seventh-largest city in the country and the second-largest in Texas. It is the state’s only city where people of color constitute a majority of the population and one that many demographers project as a model of how the United States will look like by 2040. It embraces a confluence of cultures that boasts different perspectives and experiences. It is a city empowered by diversity and inclusivity, where residents live unapologetically real and true to who they are.  

When visitors come to San Antonio, they see people of various identities interacting and enjoying the safety and camaraderie of the community. They immediately realize that San Antonio is a city where differences are accepted and celebrated, leaving a lasting impression.  

In May 2023, the U.S. Travel Association hosted its largest global gathering and marketplace of travel and media professionals in San Antonio, where the city exceptionally displayed its diverse cultures and charm.  We stand in full agreement with the U.S. Travel Association, which issued the following statement regarding Travel Advisories and Bans: “We understand the frustration that people have over a wide variety of public policies – and their desire to do something about it. History proves that travel opens minds to diverse ideas and builds new connections. Travel also supports millions of hard-working Americans who suffer most when boycotts are implemented. We encourage leaders to leverage travel’s unique ability to drive progress rather than shut the door in opposition to policies with which they disagree.”  

Here are some of the ways San Antonio nurtures its diversity and inclusivity. 

Championing Diversity as the “Melting Pot Metropolis” – San Antonio is a unique blend of global cultures living and flourishing together. Our lively festivals echo with the music of the world, our streets offer a culinary voyage across continents, and our vibrant heritage is a testament to the multitude of cultural influences that have shaped our city. This rich tapestry makes San Antonio more than just a city; it is a world within a city. 

Embracing All is “Embracing All with Y’all” – In San Antonio, we have a saying, “There are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet.” Our renowned Texan hospitality doesn’t just welcome, it embraces. We value each visitor, knowing they add a unique thread to our diverse social fabric. Here, Y’all means all, extending our warm embrace to every individual, regardless of where they come from or what they believe in.  

Unity in Diversity because we are “United in Our Diversity” – Despite the recent state and country-level legislative actions, San Antonio shines as a city where unity and diversity coexist harmoniously. Our spirit of acceptance and inclusion thrives, undeterred by external decisions. We celebrate our diversity as our strength, and our unity as our guide, creating a unique cityscape where everyone feels at home. In San Antonio, we stand united for women’s rights, immigration and social justice protests. We honor our Black heritage with the country’s largest Martin Luther King Day March. We celebrate proudly with the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ Pride river parade and Diwali festivals.

Global Engagement with “Global Conversations for Local Actions” – Our commitment to openness and understanding extends beyond our city and state borders. We invite you to join us in meaningful conversations, sharing your perspectives, concerns, or reservations. We believe that when local actions are informed by global conversations, we can build a community that is inclusive, understanding, and forward-thinking. 

Anticipation to “Share our Spirit with the World” – We cannot wait to introduce you to the true spirit of San Antonio – a vibrant, forward-thinking, and inclusive city. We are excited for the opportunity to show how diverse cultures from around the globe have come together to create a thriving, dynamic community in the heart of Texas. 

San Antonio’s commitment to fostering an environment where everyone belongs and feels respected, valued, and unafraid to contribute to the community is reflected in the policies and initiatives we undertake. The San Antonio City Council passed dozens of resolutions supporting women’s rights, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.  

For years, the City of San Antonio has consistently achieved a perfect score of 100 (out of 100) on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index, recognizing the city’s non-discrimination laws, municipal services and leadership on LGBTQ+ equality. This underscores San Antonio’s progress toward social change and breaking down barriers to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic background.  

We understand that diversity and inclusion require unwavering effort and support, and as challenges arise, they must be addressed to prevent deterrents to our progress. Your presence in our city, despite systemic barriers thrusted upon us by state and federal governments, speaks volumes and will ripple positively across the state. Your attendance in San Antonio will be a beacon of hope to the more than 140,000 tourism and hospitality workers in San Antonio whose living depends on leisure and convention travelers, supporting San Antonio’s efforts to remain a champion for diversity. Together, we can lift our voices to ensure the city stays fighting for what is right and protect the strength within our community that makes San Antonio the Texas city welcoming to all.   

Thank you for considering San Antonio. We are honored to host your upcoming event.

Marc Anderson

Marc Anderson (he/him)

President & CEO,
Visit San Antonio

Mayor Ron Nirenberg

Mayor Ron Nirenberg (he/him)

City of San Antonio

Jeff Arndt

Jeff Arndt (he/him)

President & CEO,
VIA Metropolitan Transit

Avinash Bhakta

Avinash Bhakta (he/him)

President and Founder,
ABH Hospitality Management, LLC

Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe

Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe (she/her)

Chief of Staff,
Bexar County Commissioner, Pct 1

Chef Jesse “Kirk” Kuykendall

Chef Jesse “Kirk” Kuykendall (they/them)

Executive Chef, Ocho;
Owner, Milpa

justin munoz

Justin Munoz (he/him)

San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez (he/him)

City of San Antonio District 2

Deborah Omowale Jarmon

Deborah Omowale Jarmon (she/her)

CEO & Director,
San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum

Maria R. Salazar

Maria R. Salazar (she/ her/they/them/their)

Owner, Law Office of Maria R. Salazar

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Jenna Saucedo-Herrera (she/her)

President & CEO,