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San Antonio Weather Forecast Report | Visit San Antonio

San Antonio Weather Offers More than 250 Days of Sunshine a Year!

You know what they say about San Antonio weather. Wait a minute and it changes. Before you pack your suitcase, take a look at our San Antonio weather forecast to decide between pants or shorts, long or short sleeves, boots or sandals. You get where we’re going here.

On average, August is the warmest month, and January is the coolest. The average annual precipitation for San Antonio is just 32.91 inches.

Continuous San Antonio weather broadcasts can be heard over NOAA Weather Radio, “The Voice of the National Weather Service” and “The Radio for all Seasons,” at 162.550 MHz.

Daily Average Maximum Temperature Daily Average Minimum Temperature Average Rainfall in Inches
Jan 62° F 39° F 1.65
Feb 67° F 42° F 1.73
Mar 74° F 50° F 1.89
Apr 80° F 57° F 2.60
May 86° F 65° F 4.72
Jun 91° F 72° F 4.29
Jul 95° F 74° F 2.05
Aug 95° F 74° F 2.56
Sep 90° F 69° F 2.99
Oct 82° F 59° F 3.86
Nov 71° F 49° F 2.60
Dec 64° F 41° F 1.97


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