From celebrating Juneteenth to diving into Civic Season, there's a whole lot of fun to be had while learning and paying homage to the diverse heritage that makes the Alamo City shine. Let's explore what makes San Antonio's celebrations so special and meaningful in the month of June:


What is Civic Season?

Civic Season lasts from June 19 through July 4 and represents a period of heightened civic engagement and celebration, encompassing various events and activities that promote community involvement and awareness. It's a time when individuals come together to reflect on the principles of democracy, civil rights, and social justice. In San Antonio, Civic Season coincides with the commemoration of Juneteenth, adding an extra layer of significance to the festivities.


Places to Visit + Learn

Museum walls with art and photos

San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum

Step into the rich history of San Antonio's African American community at the San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM). This nonprofit organization preserves and shares authentic artifacts, offering digitized exhibits and immersive storytelling experiences. Located in La Villita, the museum is a cultural hub filled with empowerment and insight.


Carver Community Cultural Center

This cultural hub offers a diverse range of performances, exhibitions, and educational programs that celebrate the contributions of African Americans to the arts. From live music concerts to visual art displays to interactive workshops, the Carver Center provides a welcoming space for visitors of all ages to explore and appreciate the richness of African American heritage in San Antonio.


Williams Historical Museum

Located in the heart of the Eastside, this national museum is dedicated to Black leaders from San Antonio. From engaging exhibits to enlightening lectures and insightful guided tours, visitors can delve deeper into the profound impact of African American history on shaping the cultural heritage of San Antonio.


Witte Museum

"Black Cowboys: An American Story" originally debuted at the Witte Museum in 2021 and ran through 2022. It makes its return on June 15, 2024. Learn more about the Black men, women, and children, both enslaved and free, who labored on Texas Ranches and cattle drives before the Civil War.


San Antonio Fire Museum

Make a visit to the San Antonio Fire Museum and be captivated by its striking display honoring Black firefighters from past to present in the Alamo City.



There are numerous events in the month of June visitors can attend to celebrate Juneteenth and Civic Season. Here are six we’re looking forward to + click the link here for other events in the city!

Black Heritage San Antonio

Overhead view of people marching in MLK March
Photo by City of San Antonio

From the early days of Spanish exploration in Tejas to the ongoing struggle for independence and statehood, individuals of African descent have played integral roles in shaping the region's history. Through both forced and voluntary migrations, the population of San Antonio has been enriched by the presence of African Americans, African Mexicans, African Indigenous peoples, individuals from African Caribbean nations, and African Natives.

Dive deeper into San Antonio’s Black history and heritage.