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Black Heritage
San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum

Black Heritage

Real Stories. True Culture.

The Eastside is the soul of the city. Explore our food, festivals and fun.

Black Heritage

Jo Long Theater

San Antonio is rich in Black heritage, and the Eastside is the soul of our city. From historic landmarks, such as Ellis Alley and the Healy-Murphy Center, to the educational and creative hub that is the Carver Community Cultural Center, our African American culture runs deep.

Our events are as diverse as our culture, too. Experience soul food festivals, one of the largest MLK Marches in the nation and our vibrant Juneteenth celebration.

Join us for DreamWeek every January where multicultural communities come together to have meaningful conversations and exchange ideas on the challenges faced daily and advance and modernize the teachings set forth by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision. San Antonio’s Black heritage celebrations are not to be missed.

Black heritage runs deep in San Antonio. And it is an integral part of the city’s diverse cultural fusion. Come explore our food, festivals, museums and more.

The San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum (SAAACAM) is a digital archive and museum located in the La Villita Historic Arts Village near the San Antonio River Walk. The organization captures the complete history of African Americans and their contributions to San Antonio. SAAACAM’s goal is to reclaim San Antonio’s Black history by empowering individuals to curate their archives and cultivate a community-driven museum of digitized, audiovisual exhibits. For an enriching and educational experience in the heart of San Antonio, be sure to check out the Black History River Boat Tours where you will be treated to a guided tour highlighting the many contributions made to San Antonio by the African American community. Check out our Cultural Events Calendar for upcoming tour information. SAAACAM also periodically hosts free movie screenings featuring influential films.

The Carver Community Cultural Center celebrates the diverse cultures of the world, with an emphasis on African American heritage. Each season you will find eclectic and multi-ethnic representations from various disciplines such as dance, music and theater. Two unique venues hold an array of social and cultural events and performances – the Jo Long Theatre and the Little Carver Civic Center.

Be sure to visit the “Spheres of Reflection” sculpture at Martin Luther King Park. The 13-foot-sculpture, which rests on a 4-foot-tall foundation, was created by local San Antonio Artist Kaldric Dow and celebrates African American culture. “Spheres of Reflection” depicts an ambiguous face topped by a cylindrical tower of dark, reflective spheres symbolic of hair. The spheres feature words that are common themes found in Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s work including “dream, sincerity, bold, desire, brave, unity, gratitude, accountability, devotion and change.” Find more information on “Spheres of Reflection” at the City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture site.

San Antonio’s culinary scene is rich in diverse cultures and flavors. We are home to a wide variety of Black-Owned restaurants, all unique in their offerings. Support San Antonio’s Black-Owned Restaurants at your next San Antonio visit!

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