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Enjoy an Educational Virtual Field Trip to San Antonio

Give your students something to be excited about! Enjoy an educational visit to San Antonio with visits to iconic and educational San Antonio locations.   Connect your students to classroom concepts via an immersive experience. This program was created with TEKS topics in mind and has a strong connection to Texas History and Social Studies. Other topics include other subjects such as biology, science and geology.

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Buckle up, future explorers! 

Get ready for an epic field trip that transcends textbooks and timelines. It's time to dive into a whirlwind of adventures through San Antonio's wonders, from thrilling history to dazzling science, with a sprinkle of the unexpected! No need to venture out solo! You'll be in great company with star students Rose and Antonio, both San Antonio natives with an unquenchable curiosity and an appetite for adventure. 

Rose, named after the Yellow Rose of Texas by her mother, an avid historian, and Antonio, named in honor of the resilient spirit of the defenders of the Alamo, are about to stumble upon a mysterious portal that transforms their ordinary field trip into a fantastical journey! Will their curiosity and adventurous spirit lead them to a parallel universe filled with wonders beyond imagination?

Find out more when you join their unforgettable adventure soon! 

Fun Student Exercises

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Coloring Pages

Let your students have fun with colors and markers and keep learning at the same time! 

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Graphic Novel

Antonio's and Rose's adventures do not stop here! Follow them through even more epic journeys here.

Bulletin Board

We’ll invite your students to draw a picture, write a story or
share their favorite part of the trip and share it with us on our bulletin board.

Field Trip Stops Include

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