Standing in Solidarity with the Black Community

Our mission at Visit San Antonio is succinct: Bringing the world to San Antonio. Current events, however, forced us to re-examine exactly what that means. When the world arrives at our doorstep, what will it find today and moving forward?

A city that has always prided itself on being an authentic culture of corazón and abrazos is joining so many others in vital and transformative introspection. As we offer up those hearts and embraces, it is now to a world that has been radically and irrevocably changed by tragedy and brutality.

Visit San Antonio stands in solidarity with the Black community. Black Lives Matter.

We have often boasted that we host millions of visitors each year because we treat each of them like family. Hospitality, after all, is rooted in generosity and service to all. That takes on a whole new meaning. In the wake of heartbreak, our future depends on truly treating people with the respect and worth they deserve, rejecting systemic racism and promoting equality.

The effect of doing so, moment by moment and person by person, will provide the seismic impact of real change.

With that in mind, we will listen. We will be intentional. We will use our platform to create that real change.

It is then, when the world arrives at our doorstep, that they’ll find a community that has been transformed and honed, reminded anew that we are a universal family with a commonality that extends far beyond skin color or different beliefs.


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