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Where to Eat in 2022 -

Where to Eat in 2022

From: Eater
By: Polly Anna Rocha
January 18, 2022

San Antonio, Texas


A burgeoning metropolis with a strong culinary identity, fine dining fledglings, and hidden food gems that tell a story.

Why now:

For a city named after the patron saint of lost things, San Antonio is great at holding onto its heritage. From the Alamo to the River Walk, the city is home to an assemblage of historic cultural landmarks, as well as institutions of tacos, barbecue, and other food traditions. Diners still rely on homegrown staples like the 65-year-old Ray’s Drive Inn (home of the puffy taco) and Schilo’s delicatessen (serving German-style deli meats since 1917), as well as decades-old local chains like Bill Miller Bar-B-Q and Burger Boy.

Over the last decade, San Antonio has embraced change without losing its grip on its roots. Just look at the Pearl; following the opening of the Culinary Institute of America in 2008, the mixed-use development became a hotbed for dining, including Southern coastal eats at Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery and new Asian American cuisine at Best Quality Daughter. Same with Southtown, where restaurants like Little Em’s Oyster Bar and Battalion are becoming must-visits for splurge meals.


  • When to visit: In April when Fiesta turns San Antonio into one big party, but if crowds aren’t your scene the city is gorgeous in early winter.
  • Must-try: Chicken on a stick (with a jalapeno) from any Fiesta booth, breakfast tacos from any taqueria named for a Mexican state, and brisket from any place that has a line before it opens.
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