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Top 10 Bucket List Destinations for Snowbirds -

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations for Snowbirds

From: RentCafe
By: Matei Idu
November 09, 2021

Perhaps even more eager than before the pandemic, many of the snowbirds who seek to escape the cold are now dusting off their old bucket lists, while planning to resume traveling the world. Apart from traditional exotic destinations like Belize and Costa Rica, our own backyard is full of fascinating places and it’s where you can start if you’re new at snowbirding.

A recent study from StorageCafe has pinpointed the best destinations for snowbirds across the US – locations that feature an ideal mix of sun, attractions and good housing options. Smaller, peaceful communities might be good for those in search of utter relaxation and chill vibes at lower overall costs, but what if you’re more interested in lively streets and more diverse things to do? We’ve zoomed in on the ranking and selected the best places for an active lifestyle, the cities that can give you access to plenty of fun aside from the warm climate.

4. San Antonio, TX

Welcome to the Alamo City, history buffs! In fact, the Alamo is only one of the city’s five Spanish missions, the oldest one going back to the end of the 17th century. All of them might make the bucket list of an enthusiast of historical architecture. If you’re more into urban landscapes, San Antonio’s majestic and romantic Riverwalk is the closest thing in the US to Venice. You can take a boat along the river and then enjoy all the diverse shopping and dining options along the 15-mile-long walk. Additionally, Austin’s great nightlife, legendary Tex-Mex cuisine and live music venues are only 2 hours away.

San Antonio is full of young people having fun (the median age is 33.6), average apartment rents do not exceed the national average and self storage is more than affordable. A 10×10 storage unit in San Antonio will only set you back $107 per month, on average. Moreover, the period between November and April is considered the best time to visit San Antonio, since the weather is great and there is a reduced influx of tourists.

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