Matt Sirgo

Matt Sirgo

City Story: Matt Sirgo

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Centro San Antonio

Storyteller in Downtown San Antonio

My first year living in San Antonio was marked by my first Fiesta. My coworkers took the time to introduce me to classic experiences like Fiesta Fiesta, A Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA), Battle of Flowers Parade, Cornyation and so much more. I instantly fell in love with the sense of celebration, community, history and the purpose of Fiesta San Antonio – to give back to our city. From the international cuisine showcased at NIOSA to the cheers and jeers during Cornyation at the Empire and the constant exclaims of “¡Viva Fiesta!” in the downtown streets for two weeks straight, the whole city comes alive during Fiesta.

This year, during my second Fiesta, I decided to enter a social media contest for a chance to become a part of a new official Fiesta San Antonio mural, painted by local artists, Los Otros. I submitted a selfie I took during my first experience at NIOSA, where I donned my flower crown and sunglasses. I ended up winning the contest along with another San Antonian and before I knew it, my love of Fiesta and San Antonio was depicted on a St. Mary’s Strip mural for the entire city and our visitors to see! I carry so much pride and gratitude towards Fiesta, San Antonio and everyone here.

I always tell people that if you need a crash course on San Antonio’s history, join us during Fiesta. San Antonio is the oldest municipality in Texas and we have seen the convergence of many cultures during our 300+ year history. Fiesta takes those threads and weaves them with local culture, cuisine and art to create a unique fabric that you can only find here.

Learn more about Fiesta and start planning your visit now!

Meet Matt

How Long Have You Lived in San Antonio? I moved here in February of 2017.

San Antonio Favorites:

  • Eatery: La Botánica…but this question isn’t fair, I have so many!
  • Cultural Spot: San Antonio Museum of Art
  • Attraction: Hemisfair
  • Shopping Destination: Annual Starving Artist Art Show in La Villita
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