The Granary ‘Cue & Brew


601 Ave. A
San Antonio, TX 78205

Turn up the ‘cue and grab a brew at The Granary. An establishment dedicated to serving the best quality food prepared using smoke and live fire, we pride ourselves in sourcing humanely raised, no hormone/antibiotic quality meat, and emphasizing seasonal vegetables. We make as much product from “scratch” as possible. And, we make our own bread, pickles, and pies in-house, too. Most cultures have some sort of barbecue tradition, and our aim is to showcase the traditional barbecue ingredients in a modern, relevant and approachable way. Oh, and we brew our own beer. That means when our brews hit your glass, it’s the freshest beer you can get. We typically brew our beer with four ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and San Antonio water; however, we’ve been known to add fun things like coffee, fruit, spices, and more. Bottom line: we take our cue and brew seriously, and we hope to politely challenge people’s perspective of how beer can be paired with really great food. Join us and come see what we mean.