Spanish Governor’s Palace

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105 Plaza de Armas
San Antonio, TX 78205

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A National Historic Landmark. In the heart of downtown. Visit the Spanish Governor’s Palace, the last visible trace of the Presidio San Antonio de Bexar and the only remaining example in Texas of an aristocratic 18th-century Spanish Colonial town house. Upon its completion in 1749, the house served as the Commandancia, or residence and working office, of the Captain of the Presidio. Later, it became the home of the Spanish governors who lived in San Antonio. Today, the only building that still stands of the Presidio San Antonio Bexar is the Spanish Governor’s Palace. It is one of the oldest residential buildings still standing in Texas. The building is a long one-story, U-shaped stone structure covered in stucco that surrounds a traditional Spanish patio and courtyard. Come visit us and take a step back in time, while appreciating the legacy of San Antonio’s early days that still lives on today.

Please note that visits to the Spanish Governor’s Palace are timed and by reservation only. Guests must purchase tickets online to reserve a date and time to visit prior to coming to the facility.

Spanish Governor's Palace Stairs

Spanish Governor's Palace Interior

Spanish Governor's Palace Kitchen

Spanish Governor's Palace