LA Crawfish

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1518 Austin Hwy Ste. 18
San Antonio, TX 78218

LA Crawfish serves up the absolute best boiled Crayfish! Garlic Butter and Cajun Style Crawdads are what we do best baby! We also cook delicious Shrimp and Crabs! Also, Chicken Wings, Seafood Po’Boys, Traditional and Fusion Pho Bowls, Fresh Oysters, Micheladas, Daiquiris and much more! We’re the very best you can find in San Antonio. Heck, the best in Texas, the United States, this world and even this universe too folks! So yes, our menu selection may be a bit on the smaller side of things (Don’t worry, our Crawfish are big though!) to some. But we can 100% assure you that every item that makes our awesome menu will be equally as awesome guys and gals!